avant garde jewellery

An Introduction To Avant-Garde Jewellery

The avant-garde movement was a cultural movement that set out to bring about a change in the ideas that shape society, through the medium of art and design. The movement was founded during the First World War, by artists, writers, composers and thinkers that opposed convention. Pushing the boundaries of what is assumed to be normal, the artists subverted the status quo through irony and nonsensical themes.

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antique brooch in a box

Brooches Are Back

Brooches have been making a comeback over the past few years, with the world’s most renowned fashion houses like Gucci and Dior sending models down the runway adorned with brooches on their lapels, on silk scarves, and in their hair.

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hippie jewellery driver

Hippie and Bohemian 1970s Jewellery

Whichever fashion movement you subscribed to in the 1970s, or whatever 1970s trends you find yourself drawn to now, there’s no denying that the clothes and accessories of one of the most fashionable eras in history were bold and flamboyant, to say the least.

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Antique Jewelry Box

Why It’s Worth Investing In Antique Jewellery

Most people buy antique jewellery simply because they love it. Finding that unique item that says what no other piece can is enough reason to choose antique jewellery over the new designs in most high street windows. For many, antiques are relics of a bygone era – a piece of history that can live forever, unlike the passing trends which can come and go.

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antique jewellery

Reasons To Love Antique Jewellery

Among all of the different types of jewellery there are, antique jewellery is especially meaningful to us.

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opal gemstone

The Magic of Opal Gemstones

What do soap bubbles, oils spills on wet roads, butterfly wings, and seashells have in common with the opal gemstone?

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rose gold, millenial pink

Embrace The Rose Gold Trend With Antique Jewellery

If you think rose gold is a thing of the past, the millennials have got news for you! From iPhones to cars, and trainers to red carpet looks, rose gold has become a pop culture phenomenon.

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breaking wave

The History, Meaning, And Qualities Of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a hugely distinctive gemstone, with a notable vivid blue colour that’s reminiscent of the sea and lots of associated meanings throughout history.

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Beginners Guide To Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphire are one of the most important and iconic gemstones. Most commonly associated with the colour blue, these precious gems are as distinguishable as white diamonds, red rubies and green emeralds. It is said that a sapphire engagement ring represents faithfulness and sincerity and, in a wider symbolic sense, stand for wisdom, virtue, good fortune and holiness.

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popular engagement ring settings

4 Popular Engagement Ring Setting Styles

Engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes and styles and can feature an array of gems – not just diamonds.

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