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A Guide to Buying Gold Jewellery Online

Gold jewellery is timeless and has been worn for millennia. There is evidence that gold was used to craft pieces of jewellery long ago as 3000 B.C. in what is now Iraq, and 4000 B.C. in parts of what is now Eastern Europe. Thousands of years later, it remains popular.

It is no surprise that there are countless gold sellers online, and even less of a surprise that there is plenty of online jewellery that purports to be gold – but isn’t.

That said, you needn’t worry that buying modern or antique gold rings online open you up to more risk. As long as you are looking for the right things when shopping for gold on the internet, you’ll have nothing to fret about.

Carat / Karat

Carat (or karat) refers to the percentage of gold in a particular alloy. 24 carat is pure gold, but most jewellery in this country is either 9 carat (37.5%) or 18 carat (75%).

The carat of the gold you are buying should be something you check before purchasing online.

No matter the piece of jewellery, and no matter its age, the listing should always clearly state the gold content and its fineness.


Not all gold is yellow. White gold is created by mixing gold with sliver and rhodium. Rose gold contains copper. Increasingly in modern designs, different coloured golds are used on one piece to create a striking design – as is the case with this gold necklace by Cartier.


The easiest way to put your mind at ease is to look at the item hallmark. However, it wasn’t legally necessary hallmark gold until the Hallmarking Act in 1973.

Although some pre-1973 jewellery is hallmarked the vast majority isn’t. Don’t let this put you off! A reputable seller will be able tell you the exact fineness of a piece.


Be alert for descriptions of jewellery that is gold-colour, gold toned, gold plated – this means you are dealing with something that should be vastly cheaper than the real gold mccoy.

Customer testimonials

It is a good idea to read customer testimonials before making a purchase, as they provide feedback about the seller, the products and the service provided.

This is an excellent way to get reassurance that the product you are buying is of a high quality and the customer service experience is up to scratch.


Checking that you are not liable for any loss or damage that occurs to your purchase during delivery is a great way to calm any fears.

If it is a time sensitive purchase, researching the seller’s usual delivery time is also recommended.

Keeping an eye open for these factors will help protect you from experiencing any issues with buying gold online. If you have any more questions or require further guidance, contact our team of experts. We’d love to help.