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Antique Wedding Jewellery for Different Dress Types

Your wedding day will most likely be the happiest day of your life. You’ll want your dress to be perfect – and your bridal jewellery to be equally stunning!

Nothing is more romantic than pairing your bridal dress with antique jewellery which carries its own unique history and character.

No matter what colour or style your dress, there are so many antique jewellery options to choose from. Read on for some advice on how to find the perfect items for your wedding day.

Consider the colour

The colour of the dress is vital when it comes to choosing your bridal jewellery. If you’ve decided on an ivory gown, then gold accessories will complement it beautifully. Ivory is a slightly warmer colour than white, so the depth of the gold will complete your entire look.

If you’ve opted for pure, bridal white then consider white gold or platinum. Old cut diamond drop earrings would look stunning on white, and would be shown off more with pinned-up hair. Studs are popular for those who want something more understated. More antique earrings ideas can be found here.

A dainty bracelet or a platinum necklace can also complement and enhance your dress.

Match your design

The design of your dress will help you to decide which bridal jewellery you want to wear for your big day.

A strapless dress is a perfect excuse for a flamboyant, antique necklace, with an embellished design to draw attention to your neckline.

If your dress is more flamboyant and high-necked, it would be better to opt for more subtle pieces. This is when bridal hair accessories can work wonders. Tiaras are a wonderful option, even if good quality antique versions are increasingly hard to find.

But it also might be worth considering a barrette  – this sapphire version also lets you tick the “something blue” box.

Don’t overdo it

It can be easy to pick lots of bridal jewellery – you’ll want to look like a princess after all! But don’t over complicate things by going over the top and making your outfit too busy. Less really can be more, even for a bride.

If your dress has a high neckline, don’t wear a busy necklace. One piece of fine jewellery will almost always be more than enough. Here at Gatsby, we feel that bridal earrings are the best accessory to complete an elegant look.

Your wedding dress is undeniably is the most important part of your wedding attire, but the right jewellery can elevate your look and keep all eyes on you throughout the big day!

If you have any questions on the antique jewellery in our collection or need help pairing items with your dress, get in touch with us. We’d love to help!