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Benefits Of Buying Pre-Loved Jewellery

When looking out for that perfect piece of jewellery, whether it’s a gift for yourself or a loved one, there’s plenty of different options to consider.

You’ll need to consider its design, whether you’re looking for a piece for occasion wear or every day, and, of course, where you’re going to begin your search – perhaps you might know you are interested in 1930s jewellery, and need to explore it further.

While it’s often all too easy to head straight for the high street, it may be far more beneficial to look at a different option – the option to buy your new jewellery second-hand.

At Gatsby Jewellery, we stock a wide range of great quality pre-loved pieces, each and every one with its own unique qualities. Read on for a look at the many benefits we believe come with buying your jewellery pre-owned…

Pre-loved jewellery is more sustainable

It’s never been more important that we all do our bit towards living a more sustainable lifestyle and buying clothes and accessories sustainably is a very good way to start.

The jewellery industry carries a sizeable carbon footprint due to the level of carbon dioxide emitted during the process of mining, manufacturing and importing new pieces.

Each different type of jewellery mining and manufacturing varies in its impact on the environment but two of the worst offenders are diamonds and gold – in fact, it’s estimated that diamond mining requires enough energy to power over 1 million households for around twelve months, while gold mining is thought to emit around 36,793 tonnes of carbon dioxide per tonne of gold produced.

With this in mind, the most effective way to reduce the impact of jewellery mining on the environment is to reduce demand for new pieces by switching to pre-loved jewellery – a much more sustainable option.

Pre-loved jewellery is much more unique

Our jewellery collections are often incredibly personal and full of sentimentality, so it’s understandable that everyone wants their collection to look different to anyone else’s.

When buying a new jewellery piece from the high street, chances are that your newest piece is identical to thousands of other pieces on the market.

On the other hand, buying bespoke often incurs much higher costs, especially those which include precious metals and stones.

Pre-loved jewellery often allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – the affordability of mass-produced pieces but with the knowledge that you are unlikely to encounter the very same piece anywhere else. 1960s jewellery is particularly unique, as is the 1970s jewellery from the decade that succeeded it.

Pre-loved jewellery comes with history

Jewellery is often tied to a deep sense of sentimentality, whether given as a gift or passed down throughout generations of the same family.

One of the most beautiful things about pre-loved jewellery is that you become the latest in a series of owners and become a part of the piece’s long history.

Often the history of a piece is tied to the deep symbolism surrounding certain kinds of jewellery – perhaps your new engagement ring was previously owned by a couple that enjoyed a long and happy marriage many years ago.

There’s a romance and sentimentality that surrounds the giving of jewellery and this is never more apparent than when a piece is passed down and becomes a part of several different jewellery collections throughout its lifetime.

Pre-Loved Jewellery With Gatsby

Each piece of pre-owned jewellery within the Gatsby Jewellery collection has been hand-selected with its beauty and quality in mind.

If you were wondering where to buy second-hand jewellery, we’d love to recommend a browse throughout our extensive collection of vintage and antique rings, antique bracelets, vintage earrings, antique necklaces and more. We truly believe that there’s something for everyone within our range.

Take a look at the Gatsby range of vintage jewellery – you may just find yourself mesmerised by the future star of your own jewellery collection.

For more information or to arrange a viewing of any piece on our site, get in touch today.