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3 Engagement Ring Questions You Were Afraid To Ask

Getting engaged and married are special events in our lives that, for most, only happen once. So, it can be difficult to know if you’re getting it right. There are lots of questions regarding engagements and weddings that people would love to know the answer to but are too embarrassed to ask.

As antique jewellery specialists, we’re uniquely positioned to answer some of the most common questions about engagement rings when individuals are trying to decide on the perfect ring for their partner. Here are three questions about engagement rings that you might have been afraid to ask.

Can I choose a diamond free engagement ring?

If you want to go diamond-free for your engagement ring, the good news is you’re not alone. There are several reasons why people might not want a diamond in their engagement ring, but the two most common are ethical and aesthetic in nature. Whether you’re thinking of swapping the traditional diamond out for another gemstone, like sapphire or ruby, or doing something completely different like choosing an antique pearl ring, it’s more than possible to find a diamond-free engagement ring that works beautifully.

Ethical reasons

Some people want an ethical engagement ring because of the ecological destruction that diamond mining can cause, as well as concerns about the suffering of those who work in the mine.  If you are opposed to wearing a diamond purely for ethical reasons, it might be worth considering an antique or vintage diamond. Recycling what’s already been mined means no new damage to the earth.

Aesthetic reasons

Some prefer a simpler design or more minimal look. There are some beautiful and unique diamond free ring designs out there, such as the Cartier Trinity Ring, which is just one example of a diamond free ring design that isn’t any less stylish and is perfectly suitable for engagement.

Can I propose with a coloured stone engagement ring?

Absolutely. If a white diamond does not speak to your sensibilities, there are a number of precious stones in a variety of colours you can choose from, such as coloured diamonds and precious gemstones.

Coloured diamonds

London’s Natural History Museum houses the world’s largest coloured diamond collection, with 295 examples.  Because coloured diamonds are rare, especially on the high street, you are more likely to find these unique engagement rings from niche sellers online or from vintage and antique jewellery specialists. This bright yellow diamond solitaire ring is a great example of a non-white diamond that still looks stunning, classic and ideal for proposals.

coloured diamond engagement ring

Coloured gemstones

Coloured gemstones, such as ruby, sapphire and emerald, are highly desirable and valuable in their own right and shouldn’t be thought of as substitutes for diamonds. Diamonds are prized for their hardness and durability, but most gems are robust enough to wear every day.

Vintage gemstone engagement rings offer a variety of vivid colours and uniquely designed rings that can offer more individuality than a traditional diamond ring.

black engagement ringruby engagement ringgreen gem engagement ring

Can engagement rings be rose gold?

Engagement rings can be made of rose, yellow, or white gold, or platinum. Some jewellers also stock a supply of silver engagement rings.

Rose gold is, like yellow and white gold, an alloy of gold and other metals to help strengthen and change the colour of the metal. Plain gold is mixed with copper to create rose gold, a mixture which is responsible for the warm and rosy undertones you see in rose gold rings. Rose gold is also loved for how it interacts with coloured gemstones and diamonds, as demonstrated in this Art Deco old cut diamond ring.