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A Guide To Valentine’s Jewellery

Of all the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts out there, there are few considered quite as romantic or as sentimental as jewellery.

Everyone loves chocolate and flowers, but if you’re looking to give your loved one a gift that will truly stand the test of time, a stunning piece of jewellery is most certainly the way to go. Go down the path of gifting vintage jewellery and you’re almost guaranteed an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

However, there’s plenty to keep in mind when selecting the perfect vintage jewellery piece for a loved one this February 14th – that’s why we’ve put together our very own Valentine’s jewellery guide.

Read on for a look at the meanings behind different romantic gemstones and jewellery, as well as a few of our favourite pieces this Valentine’s Day.

What sort of jewellery should I give for Valentine’s Day?

There are few things more elegant and thoughtful than a beautiful piece of vintage jewellery and we have so many stunning pieces to choose from here at Gatsby Jewellery.

So, what sort of jewellery will you pick for your loved one this year?

Jewellery with gemstones that represent love

With thousands of years worth of history surrounding them, it’s no surprise that most gemstones have come to represent certain feelings and emotions.

Peace, friendship, good fortune – there are so many different things that can be represented or attracted by those wearing their corresponding jewels and gemstones.

Given the occasion, it makes perfect sense to use Valentine’s Day to pick out jewellery incorporating one of the many gemstones that have come to represent love and romance over the years – 1960s rings in particular often feature a variety of these gems.

Some of the most popular love jewels and stones out there include rose quartz, famous for its beautiful pink colour and garnet, which is often a stunning deep red.

If you’re looking to avoid these stereotypical Valentine’s Day colours, moonstone is a brilliant choice.

These stones are white in colour and have a mesmerising iridescent appearance, as seen here in the beautiful Modern Moonstone & Diamond Trilogy Ring from the Gatsby collection.

There’s also a beautiful folklore tale surrounding moonstone. Be sure to take a look at our full blog post on gemstones associated with love, where you can discover the story behind these and other romantic gemstones.

Is a ring a good Valentine’s Gift?

Rings have been a popular Valentine’s Day gift since we began celebrating the occasion hundreds of years ago! Rings are one of the most famous symbols of romance and are seen as a symbol of everlasting love, making them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone.

Crossover rings

These vintage rings make stunning Valentine’s Day gifts, thanks to the meaning behind their beautiful shape.

A popular design throughout the decades, crossover rings are used to represent the intertwining of two lives, as well as symbolising everlasting love. Whilst they are most commonly given as an engagement or wedding ring, there’s no reason why a crossover ring wouldn’t make an appropriate gift for a loved one at any time of year, including the annual celebration of romance, Valentine’s Day.

With so many years of popularity behind them, it’s no surprise that there are a huge variety of different crossover ring designs out there with varying stones, metals and shapes.

We have a wonderful range of crossover rings here at Gatsby Jewellery, so you may just find the perfect one for your beloved here! This incredible Art Deco Diamond & Ruby Crossover Ring (Circa. 1925) is just one of our favourites from our collection of Art Deco ruby rings.

Diamond jewellery

There are few gemstones out there that leave people as mesmerised as diamonds! In fact, vintage diamond jewellery of any kind is perhaps the ultimate romantic gift.

Famously beautiful, these sparkling stones are as timeless as they come – and there’s no better proof of this than our very own collection of incredible vintage diamond jewellery.

Some of the diamond pieces we’ve found here at Gatsby date back around 150 years, yet their beauty has never faded. Take this extraordinarily beautiful Victorian Rose Cut Diamond & Natural Pearl Necklace (Circa. 1860), which features twelve stunning diamonds and sixteen lustrous natural saltwater pearls.

We can’t think of a better way to demonstrate that your love for your partner will never fade than to gift them a timeless piece of vintage jewellery this Valentine’s Day – and we believe the perfect piece for you may just be hidden within the Gatsby archives.

A few of our favourites

There is no shortage of beautiful pieces perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting within the Gatsby collection.

Dated 1918, this Art Deco Diamond & Garnet Ring would make a truly unforgettable gift. Not only does this piece feature four stunning garnets and an enchanting diamond at the centre, but the stones are surrounded by two lines of seven additional rose-cut stones and are set within a bed of 18k gold.

The combination of deep red, bright gold and a sparkling diamond centre-piece means that this ring is as romantic as they come.

Another treasure from the Art Deco era, this Old Cut Diamond & Natural Pearl Crossover Ring (Circa. 1915) is truly something special. These two precious gemstones are joined by a further twelve eight-cut diamonds along either side of the elegant platinum band, with the central diamond surrounded by a subtle heart motif, further emphasising the romance and importance that this piece symbolises.

This Edwardian Burma Ruby & Rose Cut Diamond Ring is a beautiful choice, especially considering the associations that ruby has with themes of love and romance.

If you’d like to go for a necklace instead of a ring, this Victorian Natural Conch Pearl & Old Cut Diamond Pendant, circa 1890. This subtle piece features a stunning pink pearl set amongst nineteen diamonds of varying sizes – a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day.

Finally, every jewellery collection needs its star – and we think this vintage Cartier Essential Lines Diamond Bracelet is just perfect. Featuring 61 brilliant cut diamonds set in beautiful platinum, this bracelet proves that simplicity and luxury can go hand in hand, with truly enchanting results.

Is it better to buy jewellery before or after Valentine’s Day?

Some jewellery brands have been known to adjust their pricing in the weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day due to high demand, which leaves some wondering whether or not it’s wise to buy jewellery during this time.

At Gatsby Jewellery, we price all pieces based on their individual value and we don’t increase our prices around special occasions, so you can buy your Valentine’s Day jewellery whenever suits you best.