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How Antique Jewellery Outshines Modern Designs

If you’re not sure whether to invest in antique jewellery or splash out on a new ring, this article could help.

We’ve put together some traits and qualities found in antiques that are missing in new pieces. Read on for our reasons as to why antique jewellery is so special.

A Rich History

Because antique jewellery has been passed down and treasured by several generations over many years, each piece carries its own unique history and character.

Be it a token of love from the glamorous Art Deco era, or a symbol of loss – such as this Victorian mourning ring – each piece is distinct in style and tells its own story.

Jewellery is at its most romantic when it has a past; an antique engagement ring that has been worn before feels more special that a newly minted one.

Or owning, for example, a vintage diamond necklace  that was worn by the previous generation makes it more meaningful; you are the next chapter in the piece’s story.


Antique jewellery was made by hand, not mass produced.

Each item has its own unique quirks, meaning you can be sure you are wearing a complete one-off. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you are the only person in the world to own a particular piece.

The Cut

Among many other things, the way that diamonds are cut in the modern jewellery world differs very much from how things used to be done.

Antique diamonds were cut by hand to improve the way that light hits them and is reflected around the stone.

On the other hand, modern diamonds are cut using machines, which while still beautiful, do not have the same handcrafted, personal feel to them.

The Sparkle

Antique diamonds are different from the modern version. As old cut diamonds were cut by hand, they were often less precise, less exact – less perfect.

Each stone is totally individual. These diamonds were cut in an era before electric lighting, meaning they sparkle even in the dimmest of light. Some dealers call old cut diamonds ‘candle light cuts;’ not only were they cut and polished in candle light, but they can still sparkle soft light.

Antique diamond rings, with their unique charm and glow, draw your eye in rather than ‘pop’ like a modern bling diamond.

Cost and Value

An important consideration is the cost and subsequent value of your jewellery.

Often, antiques aren’t as expensive as modern pieces as there are no manufacturing costs, nor are they subject to VAT.

They are also a canny investment; collectors are always on the lookout for special, unique pieces. Good quality antique jewellery is increasingly rare, and so the value will only go one way: up.

Whether it be for the individuality of the design, the unique history, or the price, there are many reasons to invest in antiques. If you have any questions or wish discuss any of the antique jewellery in our collection, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help!