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How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Asking how much you should spend on the engagement ring is a classic “how long is a piece of string” question. There is no correct answer. Much of the advice out that will give you a figure based on salary, country-wide average or something else – and it’s mostly a load of old nonsense, especially the Three Months Gross Salary Rule, first touted by de Beers. Because the rules of how much you ought to spend are so often repeated, they can be hard to ignore. So we’re here to help!

How to choose an engagement ring

Even if money is no object, you won’t find the right ring if cash is all you’re willing to spend. Time and attention are two major factors in making your ring not just financially, but emotionally, valuable. You can spend your entire salary on the most expensive ring you can find, but if it doesn’t align with the taste, style and aesthetics of your partner then it won’t have the desired effect. The best rings are small works of art that speak to our senses. Those who know their partners inside out will know, almost immediately, when they have found “the one.”

Consider your partner’s tastes and ethics

It is also worth considering the ethical stance of your partner. Are they concerned about the environment? Do they favour independently crafted pieces over those which have been mass-produced? Ensuring you know the route the ring has taken before getting to the jewellery store is a thoughtful and, dare we say, romantic gesture.

Knowing your partner and understanding their tastes, aesthetics and ethics – any marrying this up with what you can afford to spend, is how we think an engagement ring is meant to be chosen. Unfortunately, high street options are very much aligned to the tide of fashion, and it can often feel like there are a limited number of styles to choose from. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

opal vintage engagement ring

If you are interested in exploring a selection of rings that could be the perfect fit for your partner, in every sense, we would recommend considering antique and vintage engagement rings. They are crafted in a wide variety of styles and with a range of precious metals and gems. These are pieces from bygone times, which can also appeal to the romantics out there. You can discover specific styles in our Guide to Engagement Ring Styles.

If you need help choosing an antique engagement ring that meets your budget but still displays thoughtfulness and a considerable degree of care, contact us on 01992 878 381.