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How to Style Antique Pearl Jewellery

Pearls hold a permanent place in style and fashion, and an antique pearl ring or necklace can add an elegant touch to any outfit.

If you are eager to turn heads with this classic choice, follow this guide for tips on how to wear pearls so you can look and feel chic!

Consider pearl colours

Pearls are typically creamy white, but you’d be surprised at the number of colour variations available.

Tahitian ‘black’ pearls display an astonishing range of colours: green, pink, blue, silver, gold – and, as such, can complement any look. The grey pearls found in these stunning Victorian vintage pearl earrings, for instance, lend a touch of distinction to a classic style.

Cultured or natural pearls

Pearls can either be found naturally or grown under controlled conditions by oyster farmers.

To the eye, cultured pearl appears every inch as beautiful as natural ones, just as round, smooth and full of lustre, but for those who only want to wear the real thing, our collection of vintage pearl rings includes several naturally grown pearls, such as this beauty.

Choose your occasion


Take note of the occasion and tailor your pearls accordingly

Simple, elegant designs such as this vintage pearl chain necklace can transform your everyday look. Whereas pearl necklaces complemented by other stones can showcase glamorous evening attire for when you want to look your best.


Pearl shapes

Pearls can be almost any colour – and they can also be nearly any shape. If you want to add a touch of distinctiveness to a classic look, it’s worth considering pearls of different shapes.

Drop-shaped pearls are beautifully showcased in this conch pearl from the Victorian Era, circa 1890.

Or for those who are particularly adventurous, this “jester” was inspired by the unique proportions of a natural baroque pearl. These unique shapes can look both classic and contemporary.

If you have any questions on any of the pearl pieces in our collection, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!