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How to Wear Amethyst Jewellery

Due to its distinctive purple hue, supposed healing benefits, and status as February’s birthstone, amethyst jewellery has been a popular choice with every generation.

Because it’s a gemstone that can easily be dressed up or down, worn casually as well as at formal occasions, amethyst jewellery can be easily incorporated into your overall look.

Read on for a few pointers on making amethyst jewellery part of your collection.

Amethyst colour

Purple is the meeting point between cold and warm tones, making amethyst an incredibly versatile gemstone. It works equally well in yellow or white metals and can match virtually any colour outfit. For a stone with such a distinctive colour, it is surprising how well it matches other tones.

This versatility is highlighted in these amethyst rings, where it is seen in a warm, gold setting in a Late 20th century 20.00-carat solitaire ring, but they work equally well in cooler white gold settings, too – both of which result in luxurious finishes.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to this gemstone. An amethyst necklace can pair comfortably with classic diamond earrings or a vintage diamond engagement ring.

Amethyst statement jewellery

Due to its bold and distinctive colour, amethyst can make for the perfect statement piece – turning heads the minute you enter a room.

Wearing a rock of amethyst with a plain white or black dress can add a vivid splash of colour to a normally minimal outfit, without overpowering it completely.

This can often mean that the bigger the amethyst, the better, as is evident with this stunning mid-century ring which sports a huge oval cabochon amethyst set in yellow gold that’s sure to get people’s undivided attention.

As you can see, amethyst is a stone that is relatively easy to style, and you should feel confident in buying one of these stunning stones without feeling nervous about how you’ll wear it. Browse through our amethyst collection to find the piece that will make you stand out for all of the right reasons.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today and we will be delighted to share our knowledge with you.