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Reasons To Buy Pre-Owned Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is perhaps one of the most important decisions in a person’s life

You must find something within your budget that truly expresses your significant other’s style, and shows how much you love them.

While the natural assumption is that a high street jewellery store should be the first place you go when searching for the perfect engagement ring, this certainly isn’t always the case. These days, more and more couples are choosing to purchase their engagement ring from pre-loved jewellery dealers such as Gatsby Jewellery – and there are plenty of reasons why, such as the availability of classic engagement rings.

The production of engagement rings is today at a tremendous pace, even paving the way for many new manufacturers and designers to exhibit their artistry. Regardless, we believe buying a pre-owned ring will always be a better option, as they bring with them a history and elegance that only time can offer.

Antiques are beautiful

Whilst there are plenty of modern pre-owned engagement rings on the market, the vast majority are antiques, from decades previous.

Vintage and antique engagement rings can bring more uniqueness to the table, and they can also fetch a premium in the future meaning the ring is not only a signifier of love, but a beautiful investment.

The elegance and charm of antique engagement rings, particularly those featuring diamonds, is hard to beat – take this Art Deco ring, for instance, with a bright and lively diamond at its centre.

You may be lucky enough to find a second-hand engagement ring with a style unavailable in today’s market, that is perfect for your partner – this mid-century sapphire ring is truly unique and beautiful.


When you purchase a pre-owned engagement ring, you play a small role in helping to achieve a sustainable future.

Mining diamonds and other gemstones is a complex process, encroaching not only environmentally but on human rights in many instances.

By choosing a second-hand ring you are essentially recycling, reducing the need for new jewellery by one piece.

All engagement rings are timeless

Some people feel that pre-owned engagement rings lose their original charm and magic by some means, attaching a negative connotation to the phrases ‘pre-owned’ or ‘second-hand’ but this simply isn’t true.

In fact, the beauty, elegance and history of a pre-owned ring will grow with every new adventure. Opting for Art Deco rings, Mid Century rings, Victorian engagement rings, or Edwardian rings will allow you to purchase a piece of history.

If an engagement ring is beautiful from the outset, it will remain the same no matter how old it is or how many fingers it has rested upon.

Follow your heart when it comes to choosing an engagement ring; if a pre-owned piece appeals to you, then explore antique engagement rings today to find the one.