Art Deco Earrings

Art Deco jewellery was influenced by many different aspects of the arts: design, architecture, fashion and art. From the 1920s to the 1940s, high-quality, diamond jewellery was worn as a status marker. Including colourful precious stones and enamel, curvaceous forms and intricate metalwork, Art Deco earrings epitomise the era in which they were made. It was a time of innovation: with the advent of mass media through film, millions of people began to wear clothes and jewellery just like their favourite movie stars.

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Ring style



Art Deco earrings mirror this sentimentality, and as many women began to wear their hair shorter, earrings became longer – grazing their wearers collar bone. Gold Art Deco earrings were worn at special occasions such as weddings, but it was Art Deco silver earrings that were the true star of the show – their designs still popular for everyday wear, today. If you’re looking for a piece for your collection that you’ll love and cherish, Art Deco earrings from Gatsby Jewellery are the perfect choice.