Edwardian Rings

Synonymous with romance, beauty and elegance, the Edwardian period began after Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, and although King Edward’s reign ended in 1910, the era is generally described as going on until 1920. The period included huge awakenings for the British people: the struggle of the suffragettes, the Titanic disaster, and finally, the catastrophic First World War. Jewellery of the time reflected the effect that this turbulence had on the people: it was romantic, using filigree techniques, pave settings and bow and garland motifs.

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Ring style



Edwardian rings are extremely sought after today due to their enduring style. Delicate metalwork, the use of sapphires and diamonds together, and large centre stones are all hallmarks of a quintessentially Edwardian ring. Ideal for use as an engagement ring, browse our collection of Edwardian engagement rings and Edwardian diamond rings here today.