Classic Engagement Rings

Explore the timeless elegance of our collection of classic engagement rings. Our traditional engagement rings are from across the decades, with rings from our collections of Art Deco jewellery, Mid-Century jewellery, and  Victorian jewellery. Each ring below has been created to withstand the test of time, with the trademarks of each era’s craftsmanship on show. Discover the classic engagement rings collection below.

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Gatsby Jewellery is pleased to showcase  our collection of classic engagement rings. Traditional engagement rings possess a beauty that will last a lifetime and beyond, making these heirloom-worthy antique and vintage classic engagement rings the perfect symbol of love and commitment. Our carefully curated collection of classic engagement rings span the decades, meaning there is a perfect traditional engagement ring for every couple. 

What do classic engagement rings look like?

Classic engagement rings tend to be simple, generally with one diamond set atop a plain band of platinum, white gold or yellow gold. While trends constantly change, these traditional engagement rings have never gone out of fashion.

Why should I choose a classic engagement ring?

Traditional engagement rings symbolise love and commitment. Acquiring antique or vintage classic engagement rings connects the wearer to the traditions of the past. The design of classic engagement rings will never fall out of favour, meaning they can be passed down the generations.

Do classic engagement rings only use diamonds?

While diamonds are most commonly associated with traditional engagement rings, they can also feature sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. Each gemstone holds its own symbolic meaning. 

Can antique classic engagement rings be resized?

While antique traditional engagement rings can be resized, we would recommend buying a ring as close as possible to your true size wherever possible. You should also take the ring to a professional jeweller specialising in vintage and antique jewellery to ensure that you are getting the best care for your ring.

Do classic engagement rings require special care?

Like any piece of fine jewellery, traditional engagement rings will benefit from regular maintenance. It is recommended to have them professionally cleaned and inspected periodically to ensure the settings are secure. To clean your engagement ring use a soft bristled brush with warm soapy water.