Vintage Cluster Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for maximum sparkle in your engagement ring, a vintage cluster ring is the perfect choice. A cluster ring features multiple diamonds or gemstones closely set together in a design resembling a flower or starburst. Most commonly cluster engagement rings are crafted with smaller diamonds around a larger centre, be it a diamond or any other precious gemstone.

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There’s no shortage of beauty and value in these pieces of jewellery. Unlike traditional diamond solitaire rings, antique cluster rings feature a variety of smaller gems, making the ring eye-catching and unique.

Gatsby Jewellery offers a range of antique and vintage cluster engagement rings from Victorian, Art Deco and contemporary eras.

What is the meaning of cluster ring?

The cluster ring design is made up of several smaller gemstones set tightly together. While vintage cluster rings are generally designed to have a larger stone in the centre, they can also be made up of many stones of the same sizes.

Can a cluster ring be an engagement ring?

Cluster rings were once predominantly cocktail rings, particularly popular during the Art Deco period due to their bold designs. These days they are more commonly used as engagement rings; perfect for those who want their engagement ring to truly sparkle or want a little more ‘coverage’ on their finger.

Are cluster rings old fashioned?

No, while some styles may look more dated than others, but many clusters feel edgy and contemporary. Others are utterly timeless.

Why should I choose a cluster ring?

Cluster rings are ideal for those who don’t want a traditional solitaire, but still want something eye-catching. Many different gemstones can be incorporated within one design, making them ideal for anyone who’d like a dash of colour.

What shapes do cluster rings come in?

Cluster rings are available in a variety of shapes, though the most popular are either oval or round, like this Old Cut Diamond Daisy Cluster Ring, circa 1950.

What is the difference between a halo and cluster ring?

A halo ring is a type of cluster ring; a halo cluster ring frames a large centre stone with a ring – or halo – of much smaller stones. Other styles of cluster ring use a framework of bigger stones, where every stone stands out clearly.

What different styles of engagement ring are there?

Throughout history, there has been a range of engagement ring styles, including cluster rings, solitaire rings, halo rings and plain metal engagement bands – many of these can be found within Gatsby Jewellery’s collection of vintage engagement rings.

For a deeper look at the different antique and vintage engagement ring styles available, take a look at our post, ‘What different styles of engagement ring are there?’.