Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold has soared in popularity recently, but you may be surprised to find that this precious metal has been used in engagement jewellery for over a century. Rose gold was admired throughout the Art Deco period for its delicate pink hue, which felt lavish and allowed it to stand apart from traditional yellow gold and silver jewellery. Since the Art Deco period, rose gold has maintained its position as one of the most popular metals for use in jewellery. Gatsby Jewellery is pleased to offer a beautiful selection of antique and vintage rose gold engagement rings.

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Rose gold came to prominence in early 19th century Russia when Carl Faberge used the metal in his Faberge Eggs. These iconic objets d’art were considered the height of opulence, so it’s no surprise that vintage rose gold engagement rings were soon found in the jewellery of royalty and the aristocracy, and then became mainstream during the Art Deco period. Rose gold engagement rings became popular, often paired with platinum – a common trend amongst vintage rose gold engagement rings that still survive. Rose gold’s subtle pink hue nods to romance and pairs beautifully with diamonds and pearls.

What is rose gold?

Antique rose gold engagement rings are created by combining gold with copper to form an alloy. It’s the inclusion of the copper that gives the rose gold its signature pink colour. 18k rose gold is 75% gold and 25% copper.

Do rose gold rings fade?

Vintage rose gold engagement rings don’t fade or tarnish, but they may change colour in the long term, taking on a slightly darker, reddish hue. This is due to the copper oxidising and developing a patina – a film which forms naturally on copper over time. Patinas are often desirable in antique rose gold rings, as they are not only aesthetically appealing but are a sign of a ring’s historic origins.

How can you tell if rose gold is real?

Rose gold, like traditional gold, is generally hallmarked with its carat rating and date of manufacture. If there is no stamp – and not all gold is hallmarked, especially antique gold – try a magnet: gold is not magnetic, so if your pendant sticks, it’s not gold.

At Gatsby Jewellery, we use a Niton DXL Metal Analyzer which x-rays the metal and provides us with a precise breakdown of the alloys in the piece. Everything on our site that is described as gold, is gold.

Is rose gold a good material for an engagement ring?

Rose gold has been used in engagement rings for decades and remains a popular choice. Due to the strength of this alloy, vintage rose gold engagement rings will maintain their beauty for many years. Engagement rings should stand the test of time, and it’s clear that the antique rose gold engagement rings within our collection were designed to do just that.

Can rose gold engagement rings vintage style be worn every day?

Rose gold is a durable metal requiring little maintenance, so it is suitable for everyday use. Simply clean your rose gold engagement rings vintage style with a soft cloth and warm soapy water every so often to keep it in top condition.