Vintage Gold Engagement Rings

Our vintage gold engagement rings are  exquisitely crafted in our planet’s most enduring precious metal.  Gatsby Jewellery offers a variety of vintage gold engagement rings spanning the eras including important pieces from the Victorian period and  the Art Deco period. Vintage gold engagement rings represent a timelessness and sophistication which transcend the whims of fashion. Browse Gatsby Jewellery’s collection of gold vintage engagement rings below. 

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Gatsby Jewellery is proud to stock antique gold engagement rings in a variety of styles, budgets and from a range of eras; we truly believe we will have your perfect gold engagement ring. Vintage gold engagement rings are symbolic of rarity and purity. The fact that they have been presented in proposals from as early as Ancient Roman times is why gold antique engagement rings will forever be a sentimental and romantic choice. 

What do vintage gold engagement rings symbolise?

Vintage gold engagement rings symbolise eternal love. 

Where does gold come from?

Gold is found in a variety of ores from the rock formed from the Precambrian time. Typically, the native metal is found in a metal solid solution with silver.

Are all diamond engagement rings expensive?

The cost of vintage gold engagement rings varies significantly depending on several factors. For example, the colour, cut, carat, and shape of the diamond. 

Are vintage gold engagement rings popular?

Vintage gold engagement rings have a popularity that will always withstand the changing winds of fashion. Gold has been treasured by the earliest humans and its value and appeal have never wavered..

How do you clean vintage gold engagement rings?

To clean your vintage gold engagement rings, use a soft toothbrush with warm, soapy water, without applying too much pressure as this can cause the stone to come loose. Avoid ultrasonic machines as they can loosen stones from their settings.