Solitaire Vintage Engagement Rings

Gatsby Jewellery offers a range of elegant and unique solitaire vintage engagement rings. The timelessness of  solitaire vintage engagement rings makes them  the perfect symbol of love. The antique solitaire engagement ring is a simple and classic design which has withstood the test of time and all changes of fashion. Gatsby Jewellery’s collection includes important pieces from the Edwardian era and  the Art Deco era so if you’re searching for a vintage solitaire engagement ring, “the one” might just be here.  

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At Gatsby Jewellery, we pride ourselves on offering eye-catching, elegant solitaire vintage engagement rings. Whether you prefer the bold look of Art Deco rings, or the ornate aesthetics of the Edwardian ring, we have a variety of the antique solitaire engagement rings from these and other periods. Solitaire vintage engagement rings are classically timeless; these are the heirlooms of tomorrow. 

What are solitaire vintage engagement rings?

Solitaire vintage engagement rings feature a single diamond, with either plain or diamond set shoulders. 

Are solitaire rings good for engagement rings? 

Solitaire vintage engagement rings are a great choice for proposals as they never go out of fashion.  Whichever antique solitaire engagement ring you decide on will be a great choice because solitaire rings have always stood the test of time.

Can the antique solitaire engagement ring be worn every day?

Yes, an antique solitaire engagement ring can be worn every day. However, to ensure that your diamond stays in the best condition possible you should remove your ring when doing activities that could damage your jewellery such as heavy lifting in either the gym or garden. Avoid exposing your solitaire vintage engagement rings to chemicals such as bleach or chlorine. When not wearing it, you should store your solitaire vintage engagement rings in a ring box or cloth pouch  to prevent scratches or damage. 

How do you clean solitaire vintage engagement rings?

You can clean your antique solitaire engagement ring with a soft toothbrush and washing up liquid. Do this frequently to ensure your ring stays sparkly forever.