Vintage Gold Rings

Vintage gold rings are both timeless and elegant. At Gatsby Jewellery, our vintage gold rings are curated to ensure that there is  a great range of choices when deciding which of our vintage gold rings might be the newest addition to your collection. 

Each of our vintage gold rings, whether our yellow gold vintage rings or antique white gold rings, was chosen for its quality and beauty. We ensure that all of our antique gold rings are unique and visually striking.

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Vintage gold rings have constantly been a popular choice for jewellery collectors. Gatsby Jewellery’s vintage gold rings include pieces from the Edwardian period and the Art Deco period; if you love the glitz of Art Deco rings or the sophistication found in  Edwardian jewellery, we should have the right antique gold ring for you. 

Are vintage gold rings suitable for everyday wear?

The short answer is: yes. But be mindful of the design of your vintage gold ring. A simple gold band can be worn without concern, but a delicate Victorian dress ring should be worn with greater care. 

Why should I choose vintage gold rings?

Vintage gold rings are timeless and beautiful. Having been worn for literally thousands of years, you can be absolutely certain that vintage gold rings will never fall out of fashion.. 

How do you clean vintage gold rings?

Vintage gold rings should be cleaned with soapy, warm water. Avoid strong chemicals on vintage rings as they can  damage your jewellery.

What makes a ring vintage?

A ring is vintage if it is between 20 and 100 years old. Jewellery older than 100 years is antique.

Can you propose with vintage gold rings?

Vintage gold rings make great engagement rings due to their classic style.