Unique Jewellery

Jewellery trends are always changing but, in every era, there are designers looking to create something out of the ordinary. We’re pleased to offer an array of beautifully unique jewellery pieces from throughout history, with stunning antique and vintage jewellery, from ornate Victorian necklaces to bold Art Deco brooches. Explore the timeless beauty of unique jewellery below. 

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At Gatsby Jewellery, we believe that each item of unique jewellery has its own story to tell. Every single piece of jewellery is unique, but some items truly stand apart; our selection of unique jewellery pieces feature an array of gemstones, styles, motifs and more. No antique or vintage jewellery collection is complete without a piece of jewellery that is truly a one of a kind.  

We’re pleased to offer an exciting collection of unique jewellery from across history – whatever your tastes, there is likely a piece of unique jewellery at Gatsby Jewellery that will appeal , whether you are looking for a memorable gift for a loved one or something for yourself to cherish forever.

Are all Gatsby’s unique jewellery pieces either antique or vintage?

Most of the pieces within the Gatsby collection are either antique or vintage, the exception being modern items we believe will be the heirlooms of tomorrow. We take great care to make sure the antique and vintage jewellery on our site is authentic – each piece thoroughly examined before being listed on the site. 

How do you clean antique unique jewellery?

We’d recommend having your antique unique jewellery professionally cleaned as needed. Should  you need to clean a piece of jewellery yourself, do this using a soft bristled brush with warm soapy water. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals.

What makes unique jewellery special?

One of the advantages to buying antique or vintage jewellery is you are unlikely to encounter anybody wearing the same piece as you. Antique unique jewellery is unlike almost anything that is produced today as it is handmade and created before the era of mass-production.  

Can vintage unique jewellery be resized or customised?

Customisation may be an option (depending on the condition of the piece), we would recommend avoiding this unless absolutely necessary. Not only could customisation or resizing affect the condition of your vintage unique jewellery but it may negatively affect its resale value should you ever decide to sell it. However, sizing your jewellery should not present any issues.