Vintage Emerald Jewellery

Emeralds have long been symbols of hope, new beginnings and eternal love. Whether it’s a gift for someone you love or a special treat for yourself, our vintage emerald jewellery from bygone eras is sure to make you or your loved one feel cherished.

Browse our collection of vintage emerald jewellery including necklaces, earrings, vintage emerald rings and bracelets below.

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Emeralds have been cherished for their unique green colour since ancient times. The name “emerald” is derived from the Greek word ‘smaragdus’, meaning ‘green stone’. Emeralds are one of the four precious gemstones, along with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Which is why antique emerald jewellery is so popular.

Emeralds are found in a wide variety of locations, notably Colombia, Brazil, Zambia and Russia. Vintage emerald jewellery remains one of the best-loved gemstones in jewellery history.

Is an emerald worth more than a diamond?

There is no definitive answer to whether an emerald is worth more than a diamond. Both gems have their own unique properties and benefits. The value of every individual emerald or diamond depends on a number of factors, such as weight, size, shape and clarity.

What does emerald mean in a ring?

Emeralds are closely associated with romance, rebirth and hope. Therefore, vintage emerald jewellery is also thought to represent fertility, thanks to its association with the goddess Venus.

What colours are emeralds found in?

Emeralds are most famously a rich green colour, though they may also feature hues of yellow and blue depending on where and how they were formed.

What month has an emerald birthstone?

Emerald is the birthstone for those born in May, perfectly matched to springtime with its vivid green hue. For more information on the meaning and history of emerald as a birthstone, take a look at our blog post on The Significance of Birth Stones: May and Emerald.

How is emerald formed?

Emeralds form in a variety of different ways. The most common type of emerald is formed when chromium-bearing minerals are heated to high temperatures. This type of emerald is typically found in metamorphic rocks. Another way that emeralds can form is through the process of hydrothermal synthesis. In this process, water molecules interact with minerals to form an emerald crystal.

Can you wear an emerald every day?

Yes, you can wear antique emerald jewellery every day! With normal care and attention, your emerald will last for generations.

Is emerald good for engagement rings?

Emeralds, like vintage ruby engagement rings, have been used in jewellery for centuries, and their popularity is only increasing. Thanks to their unique colour, emeralds can add a touch of luxury to any engagement ring – and because they’re so rare, emerald engagement rings can also be a good investment. Check out our vintage emerald jewellery today!