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Gemstones Associated With Peace

Alongside the sentimental value we often associate with our personal jewellery collections, many of the individual stones and crystals often used in jewellery making have come to represent a deeper meaning over the years.

Love, happiness, friendship, good luck – different stones represent a variety of things, with meanings developed through mythology, astrology and through traditions sometimes dating back over thousands of years.

One thing that we’re all craving after the events of the last couple of years is a little peace! Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful gemstones out there that are famous for promoting a sense of calm and tranquillity in those that wear them in unique jewellery pieces.

Here are just a few of our favourite gemstones for inner peace…


This vibrant purple stone has long been one of the most popular gemstones for use in jewellery, due in part to both its beautiful appearance and its significance as the birthstone for those born in February or under the Pisces zodiac sign.

Another reason for its long-standing popularity, however, is the association of amethyst with feelings of peace and calm. In the spiritual community, it is believed that wearing amethyst jewellery or carrying a loose amethyst with you will attract calm and peace into your daily life, with many keeping an amethyst nearby during the night for the same reason. Whilst there are a variety of crystals used for peace within crystal healing practices, amethyst remains the most popular.

So, whether a loved one is a February baby, a Pisces or could simply do with a little extra calm in their day-to-day, a piece of jewellery with amethyst makes a perfect birthday gift.

Perhaps the highlight of our own amethyst collection is this stunning antique Amethyst and Pearl Riviere Necklace, dating back to around 1880.


One of the rarest naturally occurring stones, turquoise has come to represent a variety of things, including wisdom, good fortune, protection, love and, of course, peace.

In early Native American tribes, turquoise was believed to connect heaven and earth and was celebrated for its abilities to ‘ground’ those who wore them, allowing them to be truly at one with nature – and what’s more peaceful than that?

These associations have stuck throughout history, with turquoise still favoured for its calming properties within the spiritual community.

Not only is turquoise a fantastic choice for those looking into gemstones for peace, but it’s an incredibly beautiful gemstone, too, making turquoise jewellery a great gift for a loved one.

Why not take a look at our own stunning Victorian turquoise pieces, such as this incredible Green Turquoise and Rose Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring or this Turquoise and Diamond Brooch?

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is perhaps most famous for its associations with love and romance, but did you know that rose quartz has long been considered a symbol of peace and calm, too?

These stunning pink stones, mined for thousands of years throughout the world, have become very popular for use in meditation, as many of those who practice mindfulness and meditation find that holding or wearing rose quartz leads to a greater feeling of ‘stillness’.

This has led to the belief that carrying rose quartz – either within jewellery, such as in a unique ring or as a loose gemstone – not only leads to a greater sense of inner peace but promotes peace and tranquillity throughout your environment.

Pairing these calming qualities with rose quartz’ famous associations with unconditional love, this is one stone that makes the perfect gift for someone you care about – or, of course, just for you!


The popularity of this stone, found in a vibrant range of beautiful green tones, dates back thousands of years. Jade is perhaps most commonly associated with purity and innocence, but it is also closely associated with peace and serenity.

These pretty stones are mined around the world and are quite readily available, making them a particular popular gemstone in the spiritual community and amongst jewellery makers – rings, earrings, bracelets and more all look beautiful with jade incorporated into the design.

Whilst plenty of new jade jewellery is still produced and sold daily, there’s nothing quite like the beauty of vintage jade jewellery! Our own collection of jade pieces includes the charming Mid-century Jade and Old-cut Diamond Drop Earrings and these Imperial Jade Leaf Earrings.


With their high shine, marbled patterns and pearlescent colours, moonstones are some of the most beautiful gemstones out there and have a particularly ethereal feel to them.

Even just looking at a high-quality moonstone is enough to leave you feeling that little bit more at peace – and for good reason. Moonstones are thought to carry the protective, positive and divine feminine energy of the moon itself.

They don’t just represent peace, however. Moonstones are also commonly associated with feelings of love, unity and they are thought to boost the power of your intuition and emotional intelligence, making them a brilliant choice all-round for those looking to purchase gemstones associated with peace.

With that in mind, why not browse our collection of moonstone jewellery, which includes this stunning Modern Moonstone and Diamond Trilogy Ring?