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Why It’s Worth Investing In Antique Jewellery

Most people buy antique jewellery simply because they love it. Finding that unique item that says what no other piece can is enough reason to choose antique jewellery over the new designs in most high street windows. For many, antiques are relics of a bygone era – a piece of history that can live forever, unlike the passing trends which can come and go.

Buying an antique simply because it is loved is understandable. But there can be much more to it than that. Antique dealers seek out pieces based on a set of industry-standard criteria, as well as their own personal expertise that comes as a result of years of experience and an understanding of how the context of the time affects investment value.

Invest well in antique jewellery by knowing what to consider.

What to consider before investing in antique jewellery

Buying pieces of jewellery without thinking about the journey they’ve made, or without considering the strengths and weaknesses of pieces from a certain time period, can mean that you miss a key piece of the investing puzzle. Antique jewellery, fashion, and design trends are all linked, and keeping an eye on the progression of at least one adjacent industry can help you to figure out the trajectory of the others.

‘Everyone in this situation must pay close attention to fashion – it is largely this that will decide the financial value of what they have bought in the future’, writes Mark Hill, talking about how fashion and jewellery trends and value often go hand in hand. If done properly, antique jewellery can even act as a type of alternative investment.

For example, jewellery from the Art Deco period has seen a recent resurgence, with pieces like this classic 1.41-carat old cut diamond ring exemplifying the elegant simplicity that antique collectors today might look for. Collectors who saw this coming, perhaps by noticing an increase in Art Deco inspiration on the catwalk or in interior design trends, were ahead of the curve and reaped the benefits.

antique jewellery to invest in

The world of antiques is governed by supply and demand. When something becomes desirable but is in low supply, the demand for it increases and so does its value. That’s why new mass-produced jewellery is not a good investment unless it is of exceptional quality and offers something the antique collector recognises as unique about that time. The mark-up on new jewellery also tends to be so high that once a piece has been bought, it will immediately begin to depreciate in value.

Despite this, sometimes the best antique jewellery investments are the ones from timeless designers with impeccable reputations. Pieces like this Tiffany & Co diamond ring and this 18k Gold Cartier Necklace have a high chance of holding their value, due in part to the brand recognition and in part to the quality of construction and effortless beauty of each piece.

The raw materials used and overall design of a piece of jewellery are also large factors to keep in mind. Being constructed from materials that generally tend to hold their value (like gold) is a central element in value retention, while a design that can transcend one specific time period ensures that it won’t be irrelevant in months or years.

There are a host of other benefits to investing in antiques over newer pieces of jewellery. Antique pieces are bound to be unique due to smaller production runs and decreasing commonness over time. This means that you’ll have a greater chance of buying a one-off piece that you won’t see elsewhere. They’re also inextricably linked to a period in history, giving them an artefact-like quality, which makes them more than just a piece of jewellery.

Also, often overlooked is the fact that antique jewellery is also more environmentally friendly. Recycling is popular in a range of areas, from recycling household waste to upcycling materials to make furniture. Investing in antique jewellery is another great way to minimise wastefulness. By purchasing a fragment of history in the form of a stunning antique piece of jewellery, you won’t be helping facilitate the mass production of modern jewellery.

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