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As the world recovered from WWI, the Art Deco movement brought about a sea-change. Rebellion against conventions saw jewellery turn from sophisticated to captivating, with contrast, geometry, and creativity at the forefront of the Art Deco jewellery movement.

Our range of antique Art Deco jewellery shows off the creativity that was on display in the period, making for fascinating pieces for any collection.

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Art Deco was an era that was born from the First World War, but it grew into prominence in the 1920s. Most Art Deco jewellery was made between 1920 and 1935 and is still popular today because of the innovation it embodies.

Other cultures were particularly influential to Art Deco jewellery designs – in particular, the excavation of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt in 1922 inspired jewellers and designers all over the world. The colours and shapes of the treasures found inside the tomb influenced the common use of enamelling and stones such as onyx or coral throughout the era.

At the time, although the country was still recovering from war, many people were prospering financially. Young people were rebelling against the common rules of etiquette in society and creating new rules of their own. This rebelliousness resulted in a boom in the jewellery industry, as flapper girls, excited by the prospect of nightlife, bejewelled themselves in diamonds and pearls.

At the time, brooches and dress clips were worn attached to blouses or cloche hats, and long pearl necklaces rose to fame. The fashion for short, closely cropped hair on women created another canvas for jewellery, and dangle earrings soon came into fashion.

Even accessories such as cigarette holders and cases, watches, and evening bags were being produced by jewellery houses – beaded with diamonds and pearls. It truly was an age of glamour: the clean lines and simple geometric shapes found in jewellery were so well designed that pieces were considered works of art and collectors’ items.

Art Deco jewellery can often include pavé settings, use of platinum, symmetrical and geometric shapes, and lace-like filigree metalwork. These beautiful features help to keep vintage Art Deco jewellery popular to this day.