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It’s understandable why in recent years many couple choose to exchange antique wedding rings rather than purchasing modern, mass-produced pieces.

Antique rings are the perfect choice for a couple that are looking to do things a little differently. Not only are couples who choose antique wedding rings much less likely to encounter anyone with the same one, these are environmentally friendly and every antique wedding ring has a romantic story – now you and your loved one can become a part of it.

What is the best way to clean an antique wedding ring?

To keep your antique wedding ring in the best possible condition, cleaning should be carried out with warm, soapy water. Avoid harsh chemicals on an antique ring, especially one featuring gemstones.

Of course, the best cleaning practice for your ring will vary depending on what it is made from. Take a look at our guide on how to clean antique jewellery to find out the best solution for your own antique wedding ring.

What makes a ring an antique?

A ring is considered vintage if it is between 20 and 100 years old. Any ring more than 100 years old is an antique.

What are the different styles of wedding rings?

Just as there are a range of engagement ring styles available, there are plenty of wedding ring styles to choose from, too. The most traditional and well-known style is the plain wedding band, often in gold and platinum.

For those looking for a little more sparkle, there are stone-set bands, which feature diamonds or gemstones set around the outside of the band. Vintage cluster engagement rings and vintage solitaire engagement rings are also popular choices, though they are more commonly used as antique engagement rings.

Can you propose with an antique ring?

Antique rings are a popular choice for proposals, whether it’s a family heirloom or has been purchased pre-loved. We offer a wide range of vintage engagement rings here at Gatsby Jewellery. Be sure to browse the collection if you feel like that an antique engagement ring could be the right choice for you.

Which metal is better for wedding rings?

Wedding rings are traditionally gold but are increasingly made created using other precious metals. The most common metals used within antique wedding rings are made from gold (just like our range of vintage gold jewellery), white gold, silver and platinum (why not seek a ring from our collection of antique white platinum jewellery?). Modern material like tungsten cannot be resized, so once your finger changes size (and over your lifetime it will) then your ring will be consigned to the drawer.

Do antique rings hold their value?

If they are correctly maintained then well-crafted antique or vintage wedding rings will hold their value for generations.