Engagement Ring Guides

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery a person can ever buy – or receive. Engagement rings are presented as a gift when a person proposes, set to be worn by their significant other for the rest of their lives together. Discover all you need to know about engagement rings and their history, right here.

What Is A Promise Ring?

When it comes to love, there are few gifts quite as sentimental or as rich in symbolism as the exchanging of rings.

Alternative Gemstone Engagement Rings

Whilst the vintage diamond engagement ring remains a timeless classic, increasing numbers of brides-to-be are choosing alternative gemstone engagement rings to express themselves and accentuate their style.

Unusual Engagement Rings: Gypsy Rings

Gypsy rings were incredibly popular during the late Victorian jewellery era, particularly between 1885 and 1900. This was an aesthetic period in jewellery design, and jewellers favoured diamonds and bright gemstones: sapphires, tourmaline and emerald were especially popular.

Gimmel Rings: The Complete Guide

Personalisation is a key trend in a variety of jewellery, such as Mid Century jewellery, with customisation becoming increasingly important to engaged couples. From simple engraved messages to fully customised pieces, the movement shows no sign of abating. But did you know that this practice has been alive and well since the dawn of Ancient Rome?

Toi et Moi Rings: Unusual Engagement Rings

Toi et moi directly translates to ‘you and me’ in French, and a toi et moi ring symbolises the coming together of two people in love through the expression of two gemstones set alongside each other on a ring. This ensures that toi et moi rings are one of the most romantic engagement rings. They can be given as an antique engagement ring, at an anniversary, or even as a promise ring.

Popular Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement rings of different styles are always coming in and out of fashion, with different eras bringing different trends. Some of these trends stand the test of time and become staples, others get left behind. Here are some of the most popular vintage engagement ring settings recorded throughout history, sorted by the era in which they were popularised (don’t forget to check out our collection of mid century jewellery, too).

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Asking how much you should spend on the engagement ring is a classic “how long is a piece of string” question. There is no correct answer. Much of the advice out that will give you a figure based on salary, country-wide average or something else – and it’s mostly a load of old nonsense, especially the Three Months Gross Salary Rule, first touted by de Beers. Because the rules of how much you ought to spend are so often repeated, they can be hard to ignore. So we’re here to help!

Engagement Rings Through the Ages

As in all aspects of design and fashion, jewellery has undergone drastic stylistic changes over the past 200 years. Each trend is distinctive but, in their own unique ways, highly glamorous.

What Different Styles of Engagement Ring are there?

Your engagement ring is likely to be the most important piece of jewellery you’ll ever buy, and something that you will cherish forever.

Four Reasons to Choose Antique Engagement Rings

Are you on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring for your significant other? The process can be daunting as there are so many different considerations – diamond cuts, stone shape, metal colour and antique options. Engagement rings are a symbol of lifelong love and you’ll want to find the perfect ring to reflect this. Only the best will do, right?