Antique & Vintage Earrings

Earrings trends have changed over the years – from the understated allure of Victorian era earrings to the extravagant designs of the Art Deco period and, later, the unmistakable glamour of Mid-Century earrings – but desire for these jewels has never faded.

What is the best way to store antique earrings?

Antique earrings should be handled carefully to avoid damage. An earring box is the ideal storage solution which will prevent the often delicate fittings from bending or breaking. 

Are vintage earrings worth buying?

Yes. Vintage earrings are certainly worth buying as they are often hand made, making them rarer and more unique than modern pieces. Buying jewellery second-hand is more sustainable than buying jewellery brand new. For more information, take a look at our rundown of the many benefits of buying pre-loved jewellery.

What’s the difference between antique and vintage earrings?

There are differing schools of thought on the definitions but in our experience, to be considered antique, a pair of earrings must be over 100 years old, such as those produced during the Victorian era. Anything manufactured between 40 and 100 years ago – mid-century earrings, late Art Deco earrings, etc. – are vintage.

How can I clean antique earrings?

This  should be done carefully, by gently using a soft cloth or very fine brush with  lukewarm, soapy water.