Anniversary Jewellery Guide

An anniversary is celebrated for every year that you are married, and each year is a milestone reached by you and your significant other. There are traditional anniversary gifts, such as paper for the first anniversary or wood for the fifth.

The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Bands

The planning of a wedding comes with no shortage of important decisions to make, but one of the most significant is, perhaps, picking out the perfect wedding bands.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pearls

Pearls have been used at the centre of stunning jewellery pieces like the ones within our collection for centuries, having become one of the world’s most highly coveted gemstones.

The Best and Worst Engagement Ring Gemstones

Gemstone engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique style, large size, and lower cost. However, these aren’t the only factors that go into purchasing an engagement ring – you have to consider the durability of the gem, too.

A Guide to Moonstone Jewellery

One of the most magical gemstones, moonstones have been used in jewellery for centuries and are known for their beautiful sheen and smooth texture.

The History of Art Nouveau Jewellery

Art Nouveau was a fleeting movement (circa. 1898-1910) that, despite its transience, had a profound, lasting impact on jewellery design and many other arts. The glittering period ushered in innovative and entirely different design principles to preceding eras, countering the prevalence of mass-made jewellery.

What Is A Star Sapphire?

A star sapphire is a variety of sapphire which exhibits a unique reflection, giving the impression of a star trapped within the stone. They have long been a highly coveted and prizes stone, used both for aesthetic purposes and as a talisman across centuries.

What Is Arts And Crafts Jewellery?

The Arts & Crafts jewellery movement in Europe noted a distinctive departure from industrialisation. Artists and consumers alike felt uneasy with the mechanisation and standardisation that accompanied the Industrial Revolution, and this movement marked a return to unique pieces, often hand-crafted.

A Guide to Edwardian Jewellery

This guide chronicles the ethereal, exquisite jewellery of the Edwardian era, from its glittering inception to its culmination at the dawn of WWI.

Famous Art Deco Jewellery Pieces

The Art Deco movement permeated every aspect of the culture and creativity of the 1920s.