What Is A Ballerina Ring?

Delicate and unique, ballerina rings are cluster rings designed to look like the tutus worn by ballerinas. Distinctive and indicative of their era, ballerina rings are decadent and elegant – and indeed a statement piece. They are still widely made and often feature in estate and antique jewellery sales due to their overwhelming popularity. Ballerina rings are a staple for any vintage jewellery collector.

Gemstones Associated With Love

Throughout history, gems and precious stones have often been associated with certain emotions or said to bring luck to those who wear them. Gemstones have been used in prayer, medicinal practices, and casual wear across the millennia, and many of the notions associated with them come from their individual histories.

What Is Jade?

Jade refers to either of two durable, compact, typically green gemstones that take a high polish. Since records began, both minerals have been carved into jewellery, ornaments, small sculptures, and utilitarian objects. Today, jadeite is the most coveted jade stone; the other is nephrite.

The Durability of Gemstones

Understanding gemstone durability and hardness is essential for anyone interested in jewellery, antique or otherwise – especially if you’re looking for the perfect alternative gemstone engagement ring.

The History Of Gold Jewellery

If there is one thing in the world that signifies luxury, it’s gold. Gold in all its forms is the world’s most ubiquitous and historic symbol of wealth. For thousands of years, it has been moulded into coins, crowns, armour – and, of course, jewellery.

A History Of Chain Necklaces

As we explored in our piece about the history of necklaces, necklaces may perhaps be the earliest form of jewellery that humans wore. Chain necklaces aren’t excluded from this history – they too have been worn throughout history by everyone from medieval royalty to modern day rappers.

The History Of Cufflinks

Cufflinks have been popular for centuries, first emerging in the late 17th century during King Louis XIV of France’s reign. Their history is inextricable from the shirt’s, which men have been wearing since the invention of woven fabric in 5,000 BC. Traditionally the shirt was considered an undergarment, therefore showing a shirtsleeve would be regarded as improper; however, attitudes changed over time, and a need to fasten shirt cuffs emerged.

The History Of Claddagh Rings

The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring that has been worn for centuries by men and women alike. Claddagh rings can be exchanged as wedding rings, engagement rings, or just as a symbol of love and loyalty amongst friends or family.

A Guide To Retro Jewellery

Retro jewellery, also known as cocktail jewellery, is a term encompassing the jewellery created in the period between the late 1930s and the 1940s.

The History of Cocktail Watches

For over a century, wristwatches for women have combined beauty and functionality in one exquisite piece, reaching their zenith in the decorative, often bejewelled cocktail watch. A delicate, glamourous version of the women’s wristwatch, cocktail watches rose to prominence during the roaring twenties and have since fluctuated in popularity.