Art Deco Rings

The Art Deco movement reimagined art, fashion, architecture and design. Despite being produced at the beginning of the 20th century, Art Deco jewellery remains relevant and exciting today.

Art Deco rings are characterised by strong lines, geometric detailing, and high quality diamonds and gemstones. Choosing a piece from our collection of Art Deco engagement rings brings antique glamour to such a special occasion, and ensures you will have a ring unlike any other. The pieces below are examples of why we believe vintage Art Deco rings are so special.

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Our large collection of Art Deco rings include fine examples of dress rings, cocktail rings, and Art Deco engagement rings. These pieces showcase the glamour and sophistication of the era, with statement Art Deco rings evoking the decadence of the Jazz Age and with Art Deco engagements in a range of styles. Browse our collection today. 

What is an Art Deco ring?

Art Deco rings are characterised by a boldness and confidence of design with high quality gems. These beautiful pieces are ideal for both day to day and occasion wear whilst Art Deco engagement rings remain timelessly glamourous. 

For a deeper look at the most iconic styles of the era – such as cocktail rings and three stone vintage engagement rings – be sure to read our blog on famous Art Deco jewellery pieces.

Why are Art Deco engagement rings so popular?

Art Deco engagement rings are timeless. Crafted during perhaps the most glamourous period in history, the style of vintage Art Deco rings from the Roaring Twenties have never gone out of fashion. While many characteristics of Art Deco ring design can be spotted in contemporary pieces, the work of influential Art Deco jewellers can never be truly replicated. We believe that authentic Art Deco rings are a cut above the rest.

What are Art Deco engagement rings?

Many of the signature design characteristics of antique Art Deco rings are found in engagement rings today. Dazzling calibre cut diamonds, cluster rings and solitaire rings all soared in popularity during this period and have maintained this prominence ever since.

However, the quality, craftsmanship and beauty of the era is evident when viewing authentic Art Deco antique rings such as the pieces above.

How can I identify an Art Deco ring?

Art Deco jewellery, including Art Deco engagement rings, can be identified by their bold, clean lines, geometric shapes, and juxtaposition of bright and dark colours. Art Deco rings frequently featured intricate design details like zigzags, chevrons, and sunbursts. Platinum was commonly used during the Art Deco era, either on its own or paired with yellow gold.

Are Art Deco engagement rings a popular choice?

Vintage Art Deco engagement rings are an incredibly popular choice. They come from a romantic and opulent era and were crafted from high quality materials. Selecting an Art Deco engagement ring ensures that your ring is unique and timelessly beautiful. 

What are the benefits of choosing an Art Deco engagement ring?

Art Deco engagement rings are not only beautiful, but hold a lot of historical value. There is the obvious ecological benefit of buying something second hand, but you’re also choosing something that was made during a time when craftsmanship mattered. Art Deco engagement rings feature precious materials and striking designs often unavailable in modern rings. Replicas do not compare to genuine Art Deco engagement rings.