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What Makes Art Deco Jewellery So Special?

The Art Deco period was a glamorous time characterised by exciting fashions, a surge of new technologies and, of course, the flapper girl.

Against the backdrop of the Roaring Twenties, and with the US and Europe recovering from the horrors of The Great War, a new lust for life – and, of course, diamonds – was born.

Art Deco jewellery borrowed heavily from architecture, with bold, geometric patterns; straight lines, squares, triangles, pyramids and arcs combined to create intricate and jaw-dropping designs.

Read on to discover some of the influences that have given this antique jewellery its unique essence and why it has stood the test of time, with its style still permeating various era such as mid century rings.

The Art Deco Period

To understand why Art Deco jewellery is so distinctive, you should try to immerse yourself in this era.

After WW1, people were all too aware of how short life could be – so why not enjoy it! And what better way than by dancing the night away in a 1920s jazz club, dressed in your finest and in the best jewels and clothes that money could buy. This was the age of decadence and excess.

Luxurious jewels

One of the greatest influences on Art Deco jewellery was the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, which uncovered a dizzying collection of luxurious gems.

Word of this wondrous discovery stretched across the globe, influencing jewellers in Europe and the US to incorporate Ancient Egyptian motifs and styles into their designs.

White metals

Art Deco jewellery also steps away from classic yellow gold and uses more white metals such as platinum.

The strength of platinum meant that finer, more intricate designs could be realised. Its hypoallergenic properties are also ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Fashion accessories

What better way to exude elegance than via your accessories? It was commonplace – even expected – for ladies of a certain class to carry bejewelled cigarette cases and holders, as well as adorning themselves in opulent brooches and barrettes.

Pearl necklaces with tassels and sautoir necklaces were used to complement backless evening dresses. It was also very trendy to wear bangles with short-sleeved dresses and cocktail rings.

The style can also be found in the drop and dangling earrings that would often be generously sprinkled with diamonds, which became popular due to most fashionable women of the Deco period wearing their hair short.

Bold statements

Art Deco jewellery was meant for those women who wanted to make a statement, who weren’t shy about wearing large gemstone rings or dazzling a crowd with a tiara or an asymmetrical diamond pendant.

By owning something from this era, you can have a little piece of probably the most exciting time in fashion history.

There can’t be much that more romantic than proposing to your loved one with an Art Deco engagement ring. Its glamour and timeless appeal will be sure to dazzle forever. Then, you can match it with an Art Deco wedding ring!

If you’re feeling inspired by the glamourous Art Deco period, have a look at our stunning collection of antique rings and antique necklaces. There are so many gorgeous styles to suit a variety of tastes, so you can proudly show off your inner flapper girl.