Antique Necklaces & Pendants

No jewellery collection is complete without an antique necklace. Necklaces and pendants have been a staple accessory since the Stone Age and the designs have evolved to suit every historical period, from the ornate Victorian era to the understated glamour of the late 20th-century with the eye-catching pieces of the Art Deco period in between. At Gatsby Jewellery, we hunt for all styles from all eras, as long as they are beautiful and unique.

For more information on the many variations of vintage and antique necklaces available at Gatsby Jewellery, take a look at our guide to different types of necklaces.

How can you tell how old a necklace is?

First, look for a hallmark. Hallmarks are used to distinguish the level of purity within the metal used in jewellery, as well as to indicate when and where the piece was produced. Chances are you won’t find one as they are rae in antique jewellery, but this is the best place to start. (Check out our guide on hallmarks and how to read them to find out more.)

Then, analyse the cute of the gemstone, the purity of the gold, the style, the chain, the closure. To assess the age of a piece, you must be a detective. These are your clues.

What’s the difference between vintage and antique jewellery?

Jewellery between 20 and 100 years old (for example: mid-century jewellery, late Art Deco jewellery) is considered vintage, while pieces which are over 100 years old (for example: Victorian jewellery, Georgian jewellery) are categorised as antique.

How can I look after an antique necklace?

The best way to clean your antique necklace will depend on the metal and gemstones used, so take a check out our guide to cleaning antique jewellery to select the appropriate method.

You could also have your jewellery inspected and cleaned by a professional jeweller.

What stones are used in antique and vintage necklaces?

Necklaces can and do feature every gemstone going. We offer a wide range of antique gemstone jewellery here at Gatsby Jewellery, featuring vintage ruby jewellery, vintage sapphire jewellery, vintage emerald jewellery, vintage diamond jewellery and more.

What are the benefits of buying antique and vintage necklaces?

The advantages of buying antique and vintage necklaces rather than mass-produced include increased quality of craftsmanship, sustainability, and the knowledge that each antique necklace has its own unique and intriguing history to it.

For a deeper look at these reasons, take a look at our guide to the benefits of buying pre-loved jewellery.

What is special about antique jewellery?

Antique jewellery is handmade and displays a quality of craftsmanship not seen in modern mass-produced jewellery. Purchasing antique or vintage jewellery also means you won’t encounter another person with the same piece as you, making your jewellery collection that little bit more unique.

What is a birthstone necklace?

Birthstones are gemstones representing the month of the year that we are each born, with a different gemstone assigned to every month. For example, sapphire represents September, while emerald is the birthstone for May. A birthstone necklace is a necklace featuring the wearer’s own birthstone, making birthstone necklaces a very popular gift.