A Guide to Antique Jewellery

Across the decades, from ancient civilisations through to the modern world, people from all cultures have adorned themselves with beautiful jewellery. Jewellery has indicated status, relationships, and personality throughout many eras, and is constantly evolving. Read our collection of guides to discover all there is to know about antique jewellery in all its forms.

Everything You Need To Know About Antique Rings

While all jewellery types carry sentimentality, rings are perhaps the jewellery item more associated with rich meaning and symbolism than any other.

Everything You Need To Know About Antique Bracelets

There are few gifts quite as special as a carefully selected piece of antique jewellery, with antique bracelets being one of the most versatile jewellery types for gift giving.

The History Of Cufflinks

Cufflinks have been popular for centuries, first emerging in the late 17th century during King Louis XIV of France’s reign. Their history is inextricable from the shirt’s, which men have been wearing since the invention of woven fabric in 5,000 BC. Traditionally the shirt was considered an undergarment, therefore showing a shirtsleeve would be regarded as improper; however, attitudes changed over time, and a need to fasten shirt cuffs emerged.

Different Types of Necklaces

Many different types of necklaces have been popular throughout history, and many of them are still prevalent today. Necklace design has evolved to reflect changing trends and techniques, but many necklaces from the last 200 years still take influence from more antiquated jewellery.

How to Clean Antique Jewellery

It’s essential to maintain your antique jewellery and keep it in the best condition possible. This will help it to retain its value, as well as preserving a piece of history for generations to come. When jewellery is properly looked after, its lifetime is extended, and its value is maximised.

What Is The Difference Between Vintage, Antique and Estate Jewellery?

Vintage and antique are two terms that are now used almost interchangeably to describe jewellery from years gone by – but there are differences in the meanings of the words that could be important to you, should you make a purchase.

How To Start An Antique Jewellery Collection

An antique jewellery collection has many appeals: it’s beautiful, unique, and better for the environment than modern mass-produced jewellery.  As well as increasing in value over time, antique jewellery tells a story of its age; it is a relic made by artisans using methods often forgotten.

Why Antique Jewellery is Better for the Environment

Precious metals, diamonds and gemstones are mined, shifted, refined and, eventually, the components come together as a piece of jewellery. This long process can be tough on the environment, and, in an increasingly eco-conscious world, it has never been more important to reduce the impact that jewellery manufacturing has on the planet.

Guide to Antique and Vintage Earring Styles

It’s true what they say – fashions come and go, but style endures.

Types of Brooches and Brooch Clasps

Brooches have been making a comeback over the past few years, with the world’s most renowned fashion houses like Gucci and Dior sending models down the runway adorned with brooches on their lapels, on silk scarves, and in their hair.

Why it’s Worth Investing in Antique Jewellery

Most people buy antique jewellery simply because they love it. Finding that unique item that says what no other piece can is enough reason to choose antique jewellery over the new designs in most high street windows. For many, antiques are relics of a bygone era – a piece of history that can live forever, unlike the passing trends which can come and go.

Reasons To Love Antique Jewellery

Among all of the different types of jewellery there are, antique jewellery is especially meaningful to us.

Tips for Choosing Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery is highly investable but even the most experienced collector can sometimes feel overwhelmed when looking to add to their range of jewels – especially when trying to work out the difference between antique, vintage and estate jewellery. Here’s a guide to help if you are considering investing in these prized,  timeless possessions.

How Antique Jewellery Outshines Modern Designs

If you’re not sure whether to invest in antique jewellery or splash out on a new ring, this article could help.