1960s Jewellery

Discover the next addition to your collection with our range of 1960s jewellery. This iconic decade was a time of bold fashion choices and unique styles, and our selection of jewellery captures the essence of this exciting era.

From colourful gem-set necklaces to chunky bangles and statement earrings, our collection features a wide range of 1960s-inspired pieces.

1960s jewellery is crafted from a variety of high-quality materials and features an array of designs, from geometric shapes to patterns inspired by nature. Whether you’re looking for a subtle nod to the era or a full-on retro statement piece, our collection of 1960s jewellery has something to suit every taste and budget.

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Our 1960s jewellery collection is inspired by the vibrant and adventurous fashion of the era, and each piece has its own unique story to tell. From colourful gemstone designs to sparkling diamond clusters, our jewellery is a celebration of the creativity and innovation of 1960s style.


Which jewellery was popular in the 1960s?

Bright gems and white gold were particularly well loved in 1960s jewellery. Yellow gold continued to be worn, often used to set gemstones such as rubies and emeralds. H3: Did they wear hoop earrings in the 1960s?

Earrings, just like other elements of fashion, became big and oversized in the 1960s – and oversized hoops grew in popularity as a result. As hairstyles became shorter, long earrings became more popular.

Were chokers popular in the 1960s?

Chokers were extremely fashionable in the 1960s, and are still a popular jewellery item today.