Vintage Cocktail Rings

Gatsby Jewellery’s vintage cocktail rings collection showcases the elegance of unique jewellery. Not all jewellery needs to be symbolic of love; sometimes it is just exciting to own and wear a vintage ring that is unique and beautiful. Vintage cocktail rings (also known as antique dress rings) are rings that reflect you. Vintage dress rings can be worn as everyday pieces or for special occasions. You make the rules.

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Vintage cocktail rings are often more ornate than engagement rings. While engagement rings are designed to be worn and “forgotten” about, the antique cocktail ring is worn to be noticed.  Jewellery designers – and jewellery wearers – can fully express themselves with high class vintage diamond cocktail rings.

What are vintage cocktail rings?

Vintage cocktail rings describe any ring that is not an engagement or wedding ring.

Why is it called a vintage dress ring?

These vintage rings date back to the 1800s and represents rings worn because of their stylish or formal appearance rather than because of a life/relationship event. 

What finger should a cocktail ring be worn on?

There are many ways to wear vintage cocktail rings, but people commonly wear cocktail rings on the middle finger of their right hand.

Can cocktail rings be worn every day?

Yes, vintage cocktail rings can be worn every day. Vintage cocktail rings can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If your dress ring is to be an everyday piece (rather than for occasional wear) its’s  important to choose one that is comfortable and not too bulky.

What is the purpose of a dress ring?

Vintage cocktail rings are mainly worn because you love them. Some wear a dress ring as a form of remembrance, or as a “push present,” or as a token of love.

What are the different types of dress rings?

Any ring can be a dress ring. They most commonly tend to be clustered as single-stone rings are often associated with betrothal. They are often gem-set s (as opposed to being just set with diamonds) and tend to be a bit bolder in design than engagement rings.

How do I care for vintage cocktail rings?

When not wearing it, store your ring in a jewellery box or cloth pouch. . Clean your ring using a soft toothbrush with washing-up liquid and warm water.I Avoid wearing your ring when doing activities that could damage it, such as going to the gym or gardening. To get the most wear out of yourWe recommend having your vintage cocktail rings checked and cleaned by a  professional jeweller every few years.

What is the difference between a vintage dress ring and an antique cocktail ring?

Cocktail rings and dress rings are the same thing. These types of rings are usually larger and bolder than engagement rings.