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One of the appealing qualities of vintage jewellery and vintage rings is that each piece is unique. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind statement ring, a vintage ring is sure to turn heads. We’re pleased to offer a collection of unique rings from ornate Art Deco designs to bold Mid-Century rings and more. Browse our full collection of unique rings below. 

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Whether you are a seasoned jewellery collector or have recently started exploring the world of antique and vintage jewellery, unusual rings with unique designs make the perfect addition to your vintage jewellery collection. In today’s world of mass produced jewellery, acquiring vintage unique rings means owning something exciting and different. Our collection of unique rings tells a story, carrying the charm of the past into the present. Explore the collection and discover a range of delightfully unusual rings below. 

Are vintage unique rings suitable for everyday wear?

Unusual rings can be found in a range of designs, some more delicate than others – factors such as the number of gemstones, intricacy of the design and age of the ring may affect its durability. To keep your vintage unique rings in their best condition, avoid wearing the ring while working with your hands. Clean your ring carefully with mild, soapy water and a soft bristle brush. 

Are unusual rings suitable for engagement rings?

Vintage unique rings make excellent engagement rings. Not only are you likely to be the only person with this specific engagement ring but choosing a vintage engagement ring allows you to become a part of its history, which can make your unusual rings feel all the more charming. 

What are common motifs in vintage unique rings?

Every era had its different motifs favoured by jewellers who designed unusual rings. Serpent rings were popular during the Victorian period. During the Art Deco era, large, bold designs were in fashion, while Mid-Century unusual rings were designed with vibrant colours and varied shapes. 

Why should I choose unique rings rather than a traditional design?

Choosing unique rings, especially vintage or antique ones, means you own a piece of jewellery unlike anything else.