1940s Jewellery

In the 1940s, jewellery was a way to express patriotism and optimism during wartime. Natural motifs such as flowers, leaves, and animals were popular, while pearls and colourful gemstones added a touch of glamour to simple styles. Despite the challenges of wartime, 1940s jewellery reflected the spirit of resilience and hope, creating a unique style that is loved by many jewellery collectors. Browse our full collection of 1940s jewellery below.

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Early 1940’s jewellery design saw trends shift away from the extravagance of the Art Deco period toward a more understated glamour, due mostly to the lack of resources during the Second World War. Many pieces from this period were more restrained – simpler designs and  fewer stones. However, once the war was over, many jewellery designers returned to the glamourous trends of the previous decade, leading to the re-emergence of cluster rings with large, colourful centrepiece gemstones and 1940s brooches with intricate designs.


What materials were generally used in 1940’s jewellery?

Precious metals such as gold and platinum remained popular throughout this decade. However, due to wartime rationing, some 1940’s jewellery was crafted using alternative materials such as Bakelite, Lucite and silver.

What types of gemstones were popular in 1940’s jewellery?

1940’s jewellery was designed using many of the same gemstones that had been popular during the Art Deco period, such as diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. These were difficult to access during the Second World War, leading to the sue of semi-precious gemstones or plain jewellery without gemstones.

What were some popular designs for 1940’s jewellery?

During this period, natural motifs such as flowers, leaves and animals started to make a comeback. The war also saw a rise in the use of religious imagery in jewellery, especially in 1940s brooches.

Why is 1940’s jewellery still popular?

The jewellery of the 1940’s is loved for its understated and timeless beauty. This period was seen as a particularly elegant era in jewellery design and its influences can still be seen in jewellery today.