Antique Jewellery Era Guides

Do you know your Arts & Crafts from your Art Nouveau? If not, read our guides to discover all you need to know about antique jewellery eras. We explore different epochs in jewellery history, identifying iconic pieces and how to identify jewellery from these ages.

A Guide To Victorian Jewellery

Each era in jewellery has its own signature hallmarks and the Victorian era is no different.

A Guide To Georgian Jewellery

The Georgian era of antique jewellery was an exuberant one, reflecting the excess and flamboyance of the time period. One of the most interesting eras for antique jewellery, the Georgian period was defined by skill, artisanship and glamour.

The History of Art Nouveau Jewellery

Art Nouveau was a fleeting movement (circa. 1898-1910) that, despite its transience, had a profound, lasting impact on jewellery design and many other arts. The glittering period ushered in innovative and entirely different design principles to preceding eras, countering the prevalence of mass-made jewellery.

A Guide to Edwardian Jewellery

This guide chronicles the ethereal, exquisite Edwardian jewellery of the era, from its glittering inception to its culmination at the dawn of WWI.

Symbolism And Meaning In Victorian Jewellery

Throughout the Victorian era, Victorian jewellery makers and wearers perfected the art of symbolism through their jewellery items. Many pieces of antique jewellery are full of secret messages and sentiment, but the Victorian era, in particular, was obsessed with symbolism and motifs.

A Guide To Retro Jewellery

Retro jewellery, also known as cocktail jewellery, is a term encompassing the jewellery created in the period between the late 1930s and the 1940s.

The Characteristics of Georgian Jewellery

The Georgian era (1714 – 1837) takes its name from four of the five kings that ruled during the period: George I, II, III and IV. It was a period of vast change, exemplified by the early stages of the industrial revolution and the formation of the United States of America.

What We Love About Art Deco Rings

Art Deco is a style of design, visual art and architecture that became prominent in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, and influenced the design of buildings, furniture, jewellery, fashion, cars, movie theatres, trains, ocean liners, and even everyday objects like radios and vacuum cleaners.

Common Art Nouveau Jewellery Characteristics

With its distinctive and magical appearance, it is not hard to understand why Art Nouveau jewellery is so highly sought after.

How to Identify Victorian Jewellery

One of the joys of a piece of antique jewellery is to delve into its history.

What Makes Art Deco Jewellery So Special?

The Art Deco period was a glamorous time characterised by exciting fashions, a surge of new technologies and, of course, the flapper girl.