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The Mid Century artistic movement happened during a period of seismic cultural and societal changes, and Mid Century jewellery epitomised these changes. With new jewellery manufacturing techniques, increasingly colourful gemstones, and bold designs, pieces from the Mid Century era still stand out to this day.

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The Mid Century era was defined by the world-changing events that took place throughout the middle of the 20th century, such as the civil rights movements, feminist movement, sexual revolution, and space race.

The jewellery designs of the time matched this innovation, making use of new methods of manufacturing to create pieces that echoed the period’s optimism. Popular motifs in Mid Century jewellery included starburst and cluster shapes, mirroring interior design trends. Colourful gemstones were often contrasted against yellow gold, with stones like turquoise and lapis lazuli gaining popularity because of their deep, enticing colours.

Mid Century modern jewellery is bold and beautiful, but hard to pin down. Jewellers have always sought to subvert convention when designing new pieces, but throughout the era known as the Mid Century, radical changes in styles occurred even from one decade to the next.

Jewellery worn in the 50s was feminine and delicate, with engagement rings, for example, often featuring sapphires or emeralds in a halo setting. Later, jewellery shifted to become more colourful and bolder. 1960s earrings often dangled down from the ear, suiting the cropped or beehive hairstyles of the decade and, by the 1970s, jewellery was influenced by Ancient Greek and Roman styles. In the late Mid Century, headbands, arm and wrist cuffs, and statement rings could be seen on the dancefloors of discos all over the world.

Vintage Mid Century jewellery is increasingly popular today. The bright colours, bold use of gemstones, and warm, yellow gold is ideal for those who want a piece of fine, statement jewellery.