1930s Engagement Rings

Beautifully crafted and selected with care, each piece in our collection of 1930s engagement rings is a unique expression of the glamour and sophistication of the period. The 1930s was a time of luxury and indulgence, which is reflected in the engagement rings of this era. From classic solitaires to stunning three-stone rings, our collection showcases some of the finest examples of 1930s engagement rings.

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The engagement ring designs of the 1930s were a reflection of the excess and glamour of the Art Deco era. Characterised by sparkling diamonds, gleaming precious metals and eye-catching designs, 1930s engagement rings are a window into one of the most fashionable periods in history. Their timeless beauty makes them the perfect engagement ring for those looking for a ring that will truly dazzle.

Can 1930s engagement rings be worn every day?

As long as you take good care of them, 1930s engagement rings are suitable for everyday wear. Avoid wearing your ring while doing activities which might damage it – gardening or doing weight training at the gym, for example. Clean your engagement ring using a soft bristled toothbrush with washing up liquid and warm water.

What were the popular design styles for 1930s engagement rings?

Popular styles for 1930s engagement rings include trilogy rings, cluster rings and navette rings. The use of platinum became more widespread during this era, as did the use of precious gemstones in engagement rings – sapphires, rubies and emeralds were set alongside diamonds in many 1930s engagement rings.

Why are 1930s engagement rings so popular?

1930s style engagement rings have remained desirable over the years due to  their timeless, glamourous look. The designs of 1930s engagement rings are still popular today. However, it’s the quality and craftsmanship of vintage 1930s engagement rings – and the chance to own a unique engagement ring – that makes so many want to opt for a 1930s ring today.

Are 1930s engagement rings considered antique?

1930s engagement rings are considered vintage rather than antique. An item is only considered antique if it was produced over 100 years ago, which means rings made in the 1930 don’t yet qualify.