Unique Engagement Rings

We’re pleased to present our exciting collection of unique engagement rings. Each piece demonstrates the craftsmanship of jewellery designers from bygone times, from delicate Edwardian solitaires to bold Art Deco clusters. This unique engagement ring collection features a wide variety of designs to help you discover a vintage engagement ring that is a true one of a kind. Not found what you’re looking for?

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Our unusual engagement ring range collection has been curated to be exciting, daring, and fun. Each of these unique engagement rings tell its own story, capturing the essence of a bygone era. This is a perfect choice for those looking for something different, and totally individual. 

Unique vintage engagement rings can be found in an array of forms from unique diamond engagement rings and unique sapphire engagement rings. Browse the full collection here.

What makes unique engagement rings special?

Unique antique engagement rings possess a charm that sets them apart from conventional designs. These are rings which were either specially commissioned or created by a designer who was willing to take a risk. The character of unique engagement rings helps you to celebrate your love story in a way that allows you to stand out from the crowd, be that an unusual diamond engagement ring or one set with a coloured gemstone.  

Can you customise a vintage unique engagement ring?

A unique vintage engagement ring can be customised – by adding or removing accent diamonds, for example – but this may affect the durability of the piece. One of the main alterations we have been asked to make is to change one of the diamonds on a unique two stone engagement ring to a coloured stone. Whilst we are always happy to help, it’s worth bearing in mind that these alterations will impact on the value of your vintage unique engagement ring. 

How do you care for an antique unique engagement ring?

You can wear your vintage unique engagement ring everyday, but should remove the ring before partaking in an activity where the ring could be damaged, such as gardening or climbing. Have your unique engagement ring cleaned by professionals as needed. To clean the ring yourself, use a soft bristled brush with warm soapy water – do not use harsh chemicals. Unusual gold engagement rings are fine to submerge in water, but certain gems – opals, for example – mustn’t be. 

Why should I have a unique engagement ring?

A unique vintage engagement ring allows you to express your individuality while retaining the elegance found only in antique jewellery. Your love-story is unique, so why not choose an engagement ring to match? 

What unusual engagement ring should I have?

Your choice of unusual engagement ring should reflect your own individuality. Consider rings with distinctive gemstones, like unique sapphire engagement rings, or a diamond solitaire which has coloured accent stones. It’s also worth exploring rings with lesser used precious metals, such as unique white gold engagement rings, or rose gold. There are many quirky engagement rings on offer, so you’re sure to find the one.