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Reasons To Love Antique Jewellery

Among all of the different types of jewellery there are, antique jewellery is especially meaningful to us.

Antique jewellery tells a story. Each piece is a relic of the past with a story of its own. If passed down from generation to generation, antique pieces provide us with a tangible link to our own heritage. Even when they’ve not been handed down to us from our great, great grandparents, they still allow us to imagine stories from the past and preserve a fragment of history.

It’s not just that they’re historical artefacts, though. Antique jewellery also features some of the most precious gemstones and metals that we’ve been extracting from the earth for thousands of years.

Couple this with the spiritual qualities various civilisations have attached to each type of stone and add the fact that jewellery is present at our biggest milestones – whether it’s a birthstone for a birthday, a vintage engagement ring , or a vintage wedding ring for the happiest day of your life – it’s no wonder we’ll go to great lengths to find the perfect piece for our loved ones.

Reasons To Buy Antique Jewellery

There are a number of reasons why lovers of antique jewellery will search high and low for the right piece, and why anyone buying a piece of jewellery should consider choosing an antique.

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Antique Jewellery is Ethical And Green

Ethical jewellery is much more attainable these days, but new jewellery still leaves an environmental footprint that the planet can do without. It’s no secret that large scale mining for precious stones and metals can cause damage to the earth. So, choosing not to buy jewellery made with newly mined or manmade stones can be a positive factor in protecting the environment and conserving habitats.

It’s Unique And Individual

Antique jewellery is often unique, more distinctive and, frankly, more beautiful than contemporary designs. Pieces of antique jewellery are mostly one-off and sought after by collectors because they offer something different to the mass-produced products found in most jewellery shops on the high street. This adds to the allure and appeal of each item, especially in the case of engagement and wedding rings where the uniqueness of the ring can symbolise the relationship you share with your partner.

Antique Jewellery Holds Its Value

Antique jewellery can hold its value much more effectively than modern pieces. Items that have been valued in the past according to their design, condition, components, workmanship, rarity, wearability, and authenticity, can still remain value decades later. This means that their price is directly related to their quality, rather than because of any trends.

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