The Art Deco period saw a shift in jewellery design, moving towards a more extravagant and luxurious style. Art Deco wedding rings changed at this time, too. An Art Deco wedding band was  often made in platinum (rather than the more traditional gold), and either set  with diamonds or engraved with geometric patterns. 

Why are Art Deco wedding rings popular?

Most modern wedding rings are simple and subtle, whereas Art Deco wedding rings were designed to stand out. This is in part because often an Art Deco wedding band was worn on its own, not next to an engagement ring. It is a great choice for anyone looking for something more intricate and opulent. Choosing an Art Deco wedding ring also allows you to bring a piece of jewellery with its own unique history into your own story.

Can I wear an Art Deco wedding ring every day?

Art Deco wedding rings are suitable for everyday wear, as long as you take care of them. Keep your Art Deco wedding band away from harsh chemicals and avoid wearing it when working with your hands. You can of course get your Art Deco wedding band cleaned professionally, however, to clean your Art Deco wedding band at home, use a soft bristled brush or soft cloth and warm water with a drop of mild soap.

Are Art Deco wedding rings a good investment?

While wedding bands are not typically considered investment pieces, an Art Deco wedding band can hold its value over time, especially if it is unusual and uniqueArt Deco wedding bands are both timeless and elegant.