Art Deco Sapphire Rings

Sapphires were incredibly popular during the Art Deco period, often as the centrepiece of Art Deco sapphire rings. With their timeless beauty and authentic Art Deco glamour, an Art Deco sapphire ring is a must-have for a dedicated vintage and antique jewellery enthusiast. Explore our range of stunning Art Deco sapphire rings below.

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Sapphires have been used in jewellery for centuries, loved for their durability, brilliance and hypnotising array of hues. The popularity of sapphires soared during the Art Deco period, as the middle-classes grew and more people could afford jewellery that had previously been the reserve of the aristocracy. During this period, a diamond and sapphire Art Deco ring could just as readily be found on the hand of a suburban wife or a glamourous socialite. Art Deco sapphire rings encapsulate the sophistication and glamour of the Art Deco period, with a timeless beauty and elegance that endures today. 

Are Art Deco sapphire rings durable?

Sapphires are famously durable, especially if well-maintained. To keep a sapphire Art Deco ring in its best condition, it should be stored in a jewellery box or cloth pouch when it is not worn. 

Can I wear an Art Deco sapphire ring as an engagement ring?

Sapphire rings make perfect engagement rings and have been a popular choice for generations. The high-quality craftsmanship of the Art Deco period makes Art Deco sapphire rings an excellent choice for those searching for an engagement ring, particularly a cluster or three-stone Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring. Sapphires are commonly paired with diamond; we may have your dream Art Deco diamond and sapphire ring in our collection.  

How do you clean an Art Deco sapphire ring?

As with any vintage ring, Art Deco sapphire rings are best taken to a professional to be cleaned. However, if you wish to clean your sapphire Art Deco ring yourself, you should use a soft bristled brush with a little mild soap and warm water. 

How do you know if an Art Deco sapphire ring is real?

Every piece at Gatsby Jewellery is inspected to ensure its authenticity. All Art Deco sapphire rings on our site are original pieces from this time period unless described otherwise, with an approximate date of origin given where possible. 

Are Art Deco sapphire rings a good investment? 

Art Deco sapphire rings are a great investment for a dedicated jewellery collector. Sapphires are not only durable and beautiful, but good quality stones are scarce. If kept in good condition, a sapphire Art Deco ring will appreciate over time.