Art Deco Ruby Rings

Rubies were one of the most desired gemstones during the Art Deco period. Our range of Art Deco ruby rings have a rich history making each piece in the collection incredibly special, from glamourous dress rings to eye-catching cluster rings. Rubies, perhaps the scarcest precious gemstone, are highly coveted and are complemented beautifully by the opulence of Art Deco jewellery design. Explore our full selection of Art Deco ruby rings below. 

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Ring style



Art Deco ruby rings were incredibly popular during the 1920s and 1930s. As the world recovered from WWI, people sought to celebrate life and express themselves making the Art Deco era a time of luxury and excess. This was reflected in the jewellery, with rubies being one of the most opulent gemstones. Art Deco ruby rings were often made in platinum and were set with diamonds; these were rings designed to be bold and glamorous.

What are the different styles of Art Deco ruby rings?

Popular styles of Art Deco ruby rings include cluster rings and cocktail rings. Cluster rings usually featured a large central ruby surrounded by diamonds, while cocktail rings usually held a collection of smaller rubies arranged within a pattern, such as a geometric shape or ‘starburst’-style arrangement. 

How do you care for an Art Deco ruby ring?

To keep an Art Deco ruby ring in top condition, avoid exposing the ring to harsh chemicals (such as those found in cleaning products) or wearing it whilst working with your hands. You should store your ring in a jewellery box when it is not being worn and clean it using a soft brush with mild soap and warm water. 

What do Art Deco ruby rings symbolise?

Rubies are associated with power, wealth and protection, so it is no surprise that these rich red gemstones were so popular during the glamourous Art Deco period. Rubies are the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary, making an Art Deco ruby ring the ideal gift for this occasion. 

Why are ruby rings so popular?

Art Deco ruby rings are a timeless and elegant piece of vintage jewellery. High quality rubies are rare,  making them popular with vintage jewellery collectors. The timeless beauty of an Art Deco ruby ring means they can be enjoyed for years – or even generations – to come, and an Art Deco ruby and diamond ring could be the perfect ring for you or your loved one.