Emeralds, with their deep green colour and natural beauty, were a popular choice for Art Deco antique rings. They were often paired with diamonds in order to emphasise their colour. Today, Art Deco emerald rings are prized by collectors for their historical significance and enduring beauty.

What styles of Art Deco emerald ring are there?

Art Deco emerald rings were designed in a variety of styles. Later Art Deco emerald rings usually featured bold lines and shapes, with large central emeralds surrounded by smaller diamonds. Art Deco emerald rings from the early part of the movement were often more feminine, with delicate, lacy designs and intricate metalwork patterns surrounding the central emerald, sometimes including smaller gemstones as embellishments. Three stone Art Deco emerald rings were simple but beautiful, featuring one large central emerald flanked by two diamonds. An emerald and diamond Art Deco ring is often considered the prize in a jewellery enthusiast’s collection.

How do I care for my emerald Art Deco ring?

The best way to ensure that your Art Deco emerald ring is kept in good condition is to avoid wearing the ring when working with your hands and have it regularly inspected by a jeweller. If you need to clean your emerald Art Deco ring, gently brush it with a soft bristled brush and warm soapy water.

How do I know if an Art Deco emerald ring is real?

At Gatsby Jewellery, every piece in our collection has been inspected to ensure its authenticity. Every one of our Art Deco emerald rings is an authentic piece from the Art Deco period, unless stated otherwise. 

Are Art Deco emerald rings a good investment?

Like all antique Art Deco rings, the cost of emerald rings from the Art Deco period will vary according to its condition, rarity, size and quality of its gemstones. However, an Art Deco emerald ring is always a worthy investment for collectors and jewellery enthusiasts. Not only are these rings timelessly beautiful but they may appreciate in value over time if kept in good condition. If you are looking to buy an emerald ring, Art Deco emerald rings are some of the best to choose. 

Do Art Deco emerald rings make good engagement rings?

Vintage Art Deco engagement rings remain popular. Not only are Art Deco rings timelessly beautiful but emeralds are a symbol of giving and receiving love.