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Four Reasons to Choose Antique Engagement Rings

Are you on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring for your significant other? The process can be daunting as there are so many different considerations – diamond cuts, stone shape, metal colour and antique options. Engagement rings are a symbol of lifelong love and you’ll want to find the perfect ring to reflect this. Only the best will do, right?

Here are four reasons why we think an antique ring is the perfect option:

Antique jewellery is unique

If you’re looking for a piece of jewellery that’s as unique and special as your partner, look to the past. Modern jewellery tends to be mass-produced so it’s not uncommon to find hundreds of very similar items online and in most high-street jewellers – 1950s rings, for example, will have much more character.

Because all antique rings were handmade, every item is unique and holds its own quirks. Forget one in a million – each unique engagement ring is one of a kind!

Antique jewellery is hand-crafted

The way diamonds have been cut and polished has changed dramatically over time. Modern diamonds are vastly different to those produced even 70 years ago when diamond cutting was often done by hand.

These days, rough diamonds are analysed by computer to calculate the most profitable yield, then are cut by lasers to ensure a perfect finish. Whilst the process sounds impressive, it’s not terribly romantic! There is a much greater human connection in older diamonds. In the past, rough diamonds were assessed by eye before being polished by master cutters. As a result, no two diamonds are the same.

This is another reason why an antique diamond engagement ring is a perfect choice.

Own a piece of history

For history buffs, building a collection of high-quality antique rings is especially thrilling, as it’s like owning a piece of history. All vintage engagement rings have their own particular past. Whilst the particular provenance of a ring might be lost, it’s wonderful to imagine who owned your ring before you; who was she, where did she live, what was the story of her life and marriage?

Thanks to their timeless style, you’ll be able to pass the ring down, too. It’s romantic to think that for a time you’ll be the guardian of these classic engagement rings, before passing it to the next generation.

Antiques are eco-friendly

Because diamonds for modern engagement rings come from hard-rock mining, pulling them from the earth causes significant damage to the environment.

Opting for vintage engagement rings rather than buying a new diamond reduces your carbon footprint. The diamonds, gems and metals aren’t freshly sourced and, as such, are eco-friendly. Antique rings are green!

Antique engagement rings are the perfect option for those looking for something unique, for those who want to pass something on to the next generation, and for those who are quite rightly concerned about the impact of diamond and metal mining on the environment.

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If you have any questions about the credentials of antique engagement rings, contact us today and we’ll do our best to help!