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Embrace the Rose Gold Trend with Antique Jewellery

If you think rose gold is a thing of the past, the millennials have got news for you! From iPhones to cars, and trainers to red carpet looks, rose gold has become a pop culture phenomenon.

Some say the recent trend towards soft, subtle pinks, aka ‘Millennial Pink’, in the world of fashion and design, started with Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. But others think it started with the launch of the rose gold iPhone.

Either way, rose gold is extremely trendy right now. If you’re keen to join the trend and add a rose gold piece to your jewellery collection, read on for a brief introduction to this elegant precious metal and for some suggestions for how you can wear antique rose gold jewellery.

What is Rose Gold?

Because pure 24-carat gold is too soft for jewellery, it tends to be mixed with other metals in alloys to create rose, yellow, or white gold. Rose gold is a striking metal alloy of gold mixed with copper to create a rosy red tint in the finished material.

The colour of rose gold depends on the ratio of copper to gold. However, the most widely accepted ratio for rose gold is approximately 75% gold, 22.5% copper and a small amount of silver, which slightly softens the shade into a lighter pink.

Rose gold jewellery originally became fashionable around the turn of the 19th century, particularly in Russia where its creator Carl Fabergé used them in his now-famous Fabergé Eggs.

What colours look good with rose gold jewellery?

Rose gold goes wonderfully with other colours, like purple, blue, red and white. Even black gemstones look great against rose gold – as seen in this Victorian diamond and onyx ring –  as the contrast makes for an eye-catching and arresting look.

Can I wear rose gold with silver?

Silver is generally considered to be a neutral colour, like black or white, meaning it will easily complement a range of colours – including rose gold.

Can I wear rose gold daily?

Rose gold is less prone to damage from everyday wear than white or yellow gold, and rarely even requires additional plating layers like other variations of gold do. It won’t tarnish with age, and you can wear your favourite rose gold jewellery pieces every day without worry.

Ways to wear rose gold

Cartier Trinity Ring

cartier trinity ring

In the late 1920s rose gold’s popularity soared when renowned French jewellers, Cartier released a signature piece of jewellery called the Cartier Trinity Ring.

This ring was made up of three entwined smaller bands: one rose, one white and one yellow gold band linked together. While white gold represents friendship and yellow gold means fidelity, rose gold represents love.

Rose gold band

The simple rose gold band, or wedding band depending on which finger you wear it, is a dainty and classic ring worn alongside bigger rings, or on its own for a striking minimal look.

Vintage rose gold rings are perfect for daily wear because of how the material is strengthened by being mixed with copper, making it stronger than yellow and white gold.

Rose gold & sapphire rings

This Art Nouveau natural purple sapphire ring is set in diamonds and rose gold, with the contrast between the cool purple and the warm rose gold making for a truly beautiful ring. This is a beautiful show piece, ideal for an engagement ring or for something elegant to wear for a special occasion.