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Art Nouveau 0.50 Carat Oval Cut Sapphire Solitaire Ring, circa 1910

Item #: 94124S275.

Fabulously ornate. The glowing, electric blue sapphire is rubover set in yellow gold and “floats” within a surround that features finely craved and engraved floral and foliate detailing. Impressively crafted shoulders lead to a slim, grooved shank. Striking and unique.

Cut – Oval cut.

Carat – Approximately 0.50 carat.

Condition – There is some damage to the underneath of the sapphire. This can be seen if you turn the ring upside down, but can’t be seen when the ring is on the finger.

Size – L (UK) or 5.5 (US). Complimentary sizing is available, can be sized up or down.

Measurements – The sapphire is approximately 6.25 x 5mm. The ring 12mm at the widest point and sits a snug 3.2mm from the finger.

Metal – 18k gold. Tested.

£740 Finance