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Mid Century 140.00 Carat Citrine Pendant, circa 1950

Item #: 79AB1224.

An absolute bolder! The large citrine pendant is cut roughly in the shape of a heart and sits within a custom, handmade setting featuring ornate scroll detailing in the gallery. The stone show no visible internal inclusion and displays a bright, greenish yellow. Truly exceptional.

Please choose a 16″ or 18″ inch gold chain (this is included in the price).

Cut – Heart shaped mixed cut.

Clarity – The stone is VVS; completely clean to the naked eye.

Carat – Conservatively estimated at 140.00 carat.

Circa – 1950.

Measurements – The citrine is 38.4 x 39.4mm.

Metal – 18k gold. Tested.

£1,500 Finance