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Gemstones Associated With Happiness

There are thousands of known gemstones in the world, with each and every one carrying its own unique symbolism.

Of course, the meanings behind most gemstones are positive and happy. There are stones out there to represent love, friendship, peace, good luck, protection, healing and more – but which gemstones are associated with happiness itself?

Read on for a look at the many gemstones considered to promote or represent feelings of happiness – the perfect gemstones to see for your unique jewellery collection.


This pretty blue stone is a favourite amongst those who practice crystal healing, as it is thought to promote a sense of playfulness and fun within people who carry them.

Often used within meditation, many believe that amazonite helps to boost feelings of self-confidence, too, allowing people who practice with this stone to feel more comfortable being themselves around others.

Whilst used most often in the form of loose tumblestones or rough crystals, amazonite is also a popular stone for use in earrings and pendant necklaces.


These brightly-coloured stones are reminiscent of sunshine in their appearance, so it’s no surprise that they have a long-held association with happiness.

Found in shades of yellow and amber, citrine is often credited with promoting energy and vitality, leading to increased feelings of playfulness. Supposedly, carrying or wearing citrine will leave you feeling chirpy, cheerful and carefree!

Citrine was very popular for use in jewellery during the early 20th century, often featured in delicate pendants and necklaces such as this pretty Victorian Topaz & Citrine Drop Necklace, Circa 1900.


One of the most popular ‘happy gemstones’, amethyst is famous for its calming properties, with those who wear or carry amethyst reporting increased feelings of peace and happiness afterwards.

It’s said that amethyst has the ability to uplift people with one of these beautiful purple stones in their possession, making amethyst a popular ‘starter crystal’ for anyone looking to dabble in crystal reiki.

Of all gemstones meaning happiness, amethyst is perhaps the most readily available within jewellery as it is also the recognised birthstone for those born in February.

We have some stunning amethyst pieces here on our site, too, such as this 3.64 Carat Amethyst & 0.84 Carat Diamond Ring, which features an incredible twenty-four diamonds and mesmerising amethyst centre, all set within a stunning gold band – the perfect unique ring.

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